Monday, July 6, 2015

Wedding news

My office mate and her wife were the first gay ladies to get married here in D_____.  Then later I had an orange Fanta.  So, a great day for all of us.


Where is the baby?

Our friend Heather (L) is expecting a baby boy who was due yesterday.  WHERE IS HE?  I want to see him.

Oh, that poor, poor woman

The Bride on our wedding day

Heard in Stardust Memories the other week

"No one in my family was ever suicidal - my mother, she could never kill herself, she was too busy putting boiled chicken through the de-flavorizing machine..."

Heavy weighs the crown

Rafe made this at camp the other week.  This week's theme: PIRATES!

My brother

Here is Loaf, aka DC, aka Polar Bear, eating corn on the cob.  If only his parents had lived to see this!