Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The future of soul

In my head when I woke up:

One year ago

We went to Bloomington to do this:

We're rich now, obviously.


This plucky little water tank truck has been around the neighborhood all summer as crews are doing something to do with the water pipes or gas lines or possibly both.  I finally got a picture of the backwards "n" on back of it; it's also on the side.  Someone needs to write a novel about the day this was stenciled incorrectly.

Wildean gates

Yeah, I put down morning glory seeds in 2011 or so, and now, at Year Four, they are basically inside the house.  There was a tendril creeping up on me as I tried to get some ice cream from the freezer last night, e.g.  So here is our front gate, looking like something from The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Big boy bed

Fourth side off of crib, thus making a bed.  This is a fairly huge development.

"What is Nick Eddy up to?"

I'm interviewing like mad, right, but if you run into anyone who asks just tell them "he's working on a screenplay about remix culture."