Friday, August 29, 2014


Posting from phone because urgent

Barry's suit is fine.  If you don't understand a tan summer suit...well, that's just more proof of how this world has fallen.  I mean, it's a world with Iggy Azalea in it.

Sorry no picture; as I say, it's SERIOUS.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Modeling some fresh merch

With bonus automotive ephemera

If you are thinking of having a little boy,

As you likely know, being American,
voiced by Larry the Cable Guy.
He actually does a good job, though
(Stockholm syndrome?).
understand that there will be a lot of Pixar crap.  Although, yesterday morning, he wanted to watch Sopranos ("Pran Pran!) and we settled on Sherlock.  But, yes, I have already seen some Cars-related 36-minute cartoon called Mater's Tall Tales (available on Netflix!) about 22 times and it's only been a week.  Pray for us.

Helmet full of caffiene

I would like some coffee right now,
Why the armor on Stormtroopers?, I thought when watching the other night. Hit with a blaster they all just fall over, anyway.

Stupid moves from place to place

Resentment: the number one offender

The kind of shit I'm talking about
When I read any E.B. White, I get jealous (and, yes, what a terrible way to start a post).  Maine, they seem to have plenty of money, clever as shit, comfortable in the knowledge he's being wise all over the place.  Then I just realized, listening to the God Help the Girl soundtrack, that I feel the same way about Stuart Murdoch, although maybe switch out "Maine" for "Glasgow." But, yeah: great songs, clever as hell, an audience that respects him, decides to spend five years on a movie and the world then applauds it, and let's not forget coming out into the crowd at Pitchfork and putting eyeliner on some random tall dude during "Lord Anthony."  Christ!  It bums me out - one can only get away with that sort of shit by  being smart as hell and/or Scottish.  I mean, I could, in theory, write a stack of songs that were sort of approximate in theme or quality, but who would care (I should mention that I'm 71 years old)?  Murdoch looks out his window and it's all pretty girls lying on grassy park lawns reading CS Lewis and Patricia Highsmith, I look out my window and it's grown men on kid bikes going to the gas station to get an energy drink and some Kools.