Tuesday, September 30, 2014

In my head when I woke up:

Football post 4 - a reminder

Football post 3

The G.M., checking off the sheets
I've been in a football pool with friends for - let's see, this would be Year Five.  Year One, when I knew nothing about football, I won the pool twice, I think (it's just picking wins, tied total number of wins go to points)?  The next year I won two or three weeks AND the Superbowl pool.  In 2012 and 2013, I won NOTHING!  Not once.  Disheartening.

On Sunday night, I was under the understanding that I was tied with another "gamer" and that I needed the Chiefs to beat the Patriots to win!  That, of course, could never happen.  Still, Chiefs at home.  Tom Brady is tired.  Regardless, I bopped around optimistically all day, with a spring in my step that I had gotten that far.

Oh, but no - turns out that the Games Mistress herself had the Cowboys on Sunday night, which put her one game ahead of me.  She had the Patriots picked, but even if they lost, we would be tied on number of correct picks, so it would go to points.

I thought that last night would be a high-scorer, so I had blithely said, "Eh - 56 total points?"

So the Chiefs had to win and there had to be a shit-ton of points scored.

As another competitor put it:

You can check the results yourself.

So, in the last week, I have gotten a great job, we had a clean bill of health on the new baby and I won the football pool.

I have to assume nothing will ever, ever not go my way again.

Football post 2

Can we get to .500?  STAY TUNED!

Football post 1

Sunday night, during our weekly bitchfest about Cris Collinsworth, the Bride was all "And his weird twang or whatever it is - where is he from?"

Kyle says "Florida!" then "wait" then we googled and guess what?

B: January 27, 1959 D_____, OH

This lead to the Bride flipping us off, as further proof that Ohio is a shithole,

Regardless of gender,

maybe we call the new baby Fruitkwan?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Baking a cake with 1994-era Liam Gallagher

"Oil? Me and [Noel] are like oil and water, us."

"Counting backwards from ten?  No ta, lad.  I've got some good clothes,
that's all I need, not some fookin' maths."

"Those fookin' warnings about not eating raw cake dough
or summat - they've got fookin' nawt to do with me!"

"This cake has it right together."