Friday, March 29, 2013


Spring clean

Porch tightened up!

One extra 360 gallon tank gone, lots of other crap to go!

Happy easter from a bun

If I hadn't sworn off novelty tees,

                                                                                                       I'd wear this to that Vikings game!

I want to see a documentary about just who watched this documentary

Didn't expect this...

Vikings AT Bengals this year.  Easy!

This answers everything, ever. EVERYTHING.

Another pedal model drops from Chicago:

Happy Easter from Smokey!

Breeders show 7

The ladeez, the ladeez

Breeders show 6

Cheryl sez: "So many songs!"

Breeders show 5

Clever?  Sort of?

Really?  "D_____ represent!" = gross.  Not as gross as the
ballcap dude yelling "OAKWOOD!," but still.

Who could have done this street picture?

Breeders show 4

Breeders show 3

Derl, The Bride, Glass, Nice Dan.  Chris, we did all we could to make this photo
not "awful in traditional Nick Eddy way," and yet failed.

Breeders show 2

Who is that merch guy?  Oh, wait - it's Bart Simpson!

Breeders show


Hello, Bret!

So much for my plan to hypnotize the twins into chasing a red laser dot
around the room.

The Phone King

Too many boox

Okay, so, now I am going to try getting rid of stuff I know I will never read: things acquired at book fairs and Half Price and such that I must have bought while imagining a time when I wouldn't be busy every second of the day.  So I am making a stack for things to be briefly perused until I learn something interesting, then they can be excised.

Here's a factoid:  who knew Jacques Cousteau was once married to Penny Marshall?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nick Eddy: Grownup

Yesterday I was driving home in the snow and one of my windshield wipers gave way and started to come off.  So today I just went out and got a whole new set.  WHO AM I?

Watching House of Cards, Andy Warhol diaries style

Oh, and I forgot to mention we started watching that House of Cards thing.  They released them all at once so you can binge.  And it's such a camp, they had Kevin Spacey as this tough congressman, he was telling this other congressman who was the guy from Sopranos who was Junior's flunky kid - the one they chased through the woods and shot - Kevin Spacey was trying to be intimidating and telling this guy to [laughs] blow him.  Oh and there's a reporter girl who is one of those sisters whose parents own the Jets.  Kate Rooney?  No, Kate Mara, Rooney is the sister.  And Robin Wright plays Kevin Spacey's wife, and she still looks great, even after with living all that time with Sean Penn.  But it's so nutty, Kevin Spacey talks to the audience and Robin Wright keeps standing by the open fridge to show she's [laughs] menopausal.

But I still don't understand the whole making all the shows available at once part.  I want to do a show where there is a big cliffhanger and when the big resolution is supposed to happen, they just never show it, so people have to keep tuning in to that channel.

Such a strange world

Went by someone's desk and they were watching a video of the Corrs.  How is this possible?

Sh---y Illustrated Man

Last times fun 'n' games

Monday, March 25, 2013

Night Pig

Skip this - more baby roundup

Brooke captures the Carrot King in repose

"Sure, I'll sit in a spaghetti pot.  Why the hell not?"

Carrot cookie for a rabbit!


Noon the next day

A correspondent says:

"Reacting opposite to Matt Damon in new thriller...'I trusted you, Tony!'"

Garden cleanup day 5

Has someone been sleeping in the leaf mulch all this time?  Have they?

Garden cleanup day 4

"Hey, Rafe!  Whatcha looking at?"

Garden cleanup day 3

A dog named Dog!  Love her!

Garden cleanup day 2


Garden cleanup day

Yes, it was about 34 degrees.  Yes, the sun came out and it warmed up after we were done.
"What am I doing out here?  I'm a TODDLER!"
Auntie Brooke takes charge of wayward child!

"Try our nicotine thingy!"


Beehive of mildness.

Yet more recording



"Your manure is our bread and butter!"

A trip to the fairgrounds for manure.  This is always one of those moments where I'm
doing something so anathema/foreign to the me of years ago that I say "Who am I again?"

Stall 61 - a bit Orwellian.

Glenn!  Probably.

A lovely spring day, unaware that 7" of snow are in the offing.

Ben (L) and Marla.  Maybe.

Zeus (estimated).