Friday, February 28, 2014


Oh, the indignity

Can you imagine what it must feel like to live with having been to Las Vegas?

Doctor season

Surprising us all, the Bride wants me alive for some reason and insists that I find a new GP as my old one went "concierge."  If you know what that means you are a grownup.  SO I did find a new doctor.  Next week I go to the eye doctor (gotta get new specs - these are so scratched up it's like looking through a scratched piece of Tupperware), April whatever I go to the dentist, and then this new doctor for a physical.

Believe me I am as shocked as you are about all of this.


"Apocalypse gives women the chance to sress like Sarah Connor - not that I'm complaining!"

Why Rolling Stone still sucks, etc

Who cares?, right, but:

My next hip hop moniker

Love the bridge to this

Overcoming fear of our rice cooker

Well, I did it and you can overcome the fear of yours.  The Bride told me exactly what to do over the phone and I did it and the rice was exceptional and now I can move on to worrying over something else.


And here you thought that even with the somewhat slackened pace of posting, I would not have more posts for this February than I had last year.  WRONG.

Naughty Tomato

The origin of the whole "COLD water" thing

SO much more here:

Speaking of green,

I have likely mentioned before that I need to be on the lookout for shirts like this:


Miracles of marketing

See, now I have never been super-partial to New Balance shoes, but give them a proper color name and I am in like Flynn:

Well, this is insane

Not that I'm all that crazy about Iggy, but still...

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fan club assembly

Kids who used to live across the street stopped by on way to school demanding Bun access!  He was all "Hellooo, ladies."

A visit to mom's office 5

"Yeah, this is much better."

A visit to mom's office 4

"I have the forlorn look of being called into the principal's office,
which means I remain mega-prescient!"

A visit to Mom's office 3

"You promised Mom, dammit!"

A visit to Mom's office 2

Hipster swag goes head to head with the hard work of democracy, maybe.

A visit to mom's office 1

WING radio salutes Boss Kett on his 80th birthday.  Or something.
Also, the Smithsian hand from out of frame - well played, Bun.

Or maybe a name for

the shock one feels at how good Stephen Street looks?


And what of the strange and recurring nagging feeling that maybe I should really check out Swervedriver?
Thus far, it has not even been strong enough to drive me to check my terabyte to even see what I have by them; but it's growing, maybe?

And what the hell would that sensation be called?

The names of things

Fear of thirteen is triskaidekaphobia, a group of crows is called a murder...we know, we know.  But is there a name for this common condition: the recurring realization that one is now (in some cases much) older than Larry Linville was when he was playing Frank Burns?  If not, there really does need to be one.

At last! Bonnie Prince Billy!

I finally heard a Bonnie Prince Billy song (I believe it was "I See a Darkness") accidentally the other day,after hearing about him for 15 or more years.  It was weak.  So I was right all along (makes motions of kissing his own arms in a congratulatory Ann B Davis fashion)!

Woke up

thinking of Zunzi's...why is life so unfair?!?

Bitcoin verdict:

"More like Shitcoin!"


[this post has proven exceedingly popular; so whoever gets rich making tee shirts of this phrase, be sure to think of me once in a while and smile wanly when you are in your gross "beach house."]

Had never seen this

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"The one thing I know is that we're constantly being born."

Fast forward to 4:00.  Ha!

Oh! Poor/lazy intersection met

Us, yesterday
Garrison Keillor (no, really) once wrote that he knew his family was poor growing up because they had such a lousy vacuum cleaner.  Similarly, the fact that the driver's side seat belts in both of our cars have lost the "retracting" action (that is to say: when you get out of the car, the seatbelt no longer zips right back in place, and one needs to make sure one isn't closing the car door on the belt and fastener apparatus) means we are very, very poor or lazy or both.  Actually, if there was a way to get them both fixed for, say, 100 bucks I would do it.  But am too lazy to Google about it.  So, yes, maybe really lazy, rather than "poor" in any way that may insult the actually indigent.


".., [then?] what you do is get him some of those rammin' [sic] noodles..."

And, no,

no matter how it "trends" I will NOT be getting the "Claire Underwood" haircut.

Oh, Dave

Man, get off your ass and make Ronnie Rocket or something.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I mean, you're left with this

Crazy week

My brother said one time that when he saw these
commercials he thought of me.  I'm fine, though.
The Bride has the craziest week ever going, so I am playing SuperDad and such.  Hence the worse-than-usual topic selection AND lack of super-fun pictures.  The only thing worse than being too busy to blog is some asshole writing about being too busy to blog.  I know that for the vast majority of people alive in the world, this blog is their ONLY source of I apologize for not having more to offer this week.


Vocal shitness particularly
egregious on this one
Was aghast to see that there was a new Afghan Whigs album coming out, and was more shocked to check
the blog and see that I had never bitched about how Greg Dulli can't sing!  SHAMEFUL NEGLIGENCE!

Anyway, he can't.

RuRu shoe

I mean, this sort of says it all, really

Have sat on this

The smile that launched a thousand
gripes from the Bride.
It was more than a week and a half ago when I was apprised of Christian Ponder's $3.7 million contract for next year.  I hoped to work through the stages of grief - hoped to be at "bargaining" by now - but remain at anger. So dumb.

Saving up for the K and the I?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Juggling party

Bun Sunday 3

Had to practice driving while still in supermarket lot

Bun Sunday 2

Bun Sunday 1

Getting creeped on by zombies

A shirtless Saturday night

Yeah, for no reason, someone had to tear his shirt off and run around
the house like Tarzan.  

A joke from 1990

So Vanilla Ice comes home from tour or whatever and his house has been broken into.  He calls the cops and says "Hey, someone stole all my stuff."

The cops say "It wasn't stolen, it was sampled..."*


* yes, someone actually told me this back then

The "JFK" story

Happened to see on the local news that the movie theater where I saw JFK with my then 78- or 79-year-old aunt is being torn down.

Sitting there with one's old aunt while Kevin Spacey Bacon* says "That's cos you never f_____ a man in the a__ before" is quite something.

* hangover from the watching the crap House of Cards

Oh, no! Big Star

Watched the first twenty minute of that Big Star documentary, which, sadly, started a possible Big Star Kick.  Am trying to reassemble the 2000-era mix I burnt back then.

Again, I am sorry.  I will try not to talk any more about it.

Goes w/o saying,

but who actually likes or even listens to Haim?

Friday, February 21, 2014