Friday, August 29, 2014


Posting from phone because urgent

Barry's suit is fine.  If you don't understand a tan summer suit...well, that's just more proof of how this world has fallen.  I mean, it's a world with Iggy Azalea in it.

Sorry no picture; as I say, it's SERIOUS.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Modeling some fresh merch

With bonus automotive ephemera

If you are thinking of having a little boy,

As you likely know, being American,
voiced by Larry the Cable Guy.
He actually does a good job, though
(Stockholm syndrome?).
understand that there will be a lot of Pixar crap.  Although, yesterday morning, he wanted to watch Sopranos ("Pran Pran!) and we settled on Sherlock.  But, yes, I have already seen some Cars-related 36-minute cartoon called Mater's Tall Tales (available on Netflix!) about 22 times and it's only been a week.  Pray for us.

Helmet full of caffiene

I would like some coffee right now,
Why the armor on Stormtroopers?, I thought when watching the other night. Hit with a blaster they all just fall over, anyway.

Stupid moves from place to place

Resentment: the number one offender

The kind of shit I'm talking about
When I read any E.B. White, I get jealous (and, yes, what a terrible way to start a post).  Maine, they seem to have plenty of money, clever as shit, comfortable in the knowledge he's being wise all over the place.  Then I just realized, listening to the God Help the Girl soundtrack, that I feel the same way about Stuart Murdoch, although maybe switch out "Maine" for "Glasgow." But, yeah: great songs, clever as hell, an audience that respects him, decides to spend five years on a movie and the world then applauds it, and let's not forget coming out into the crowd at Pitchfork and putting eyeliner on some random tall dude during "Lord Anthony."  Christ!  It bums me out - one can only get away with that sort of shit by  being smart as hell and/or Scottish.  I mean, I could, in theory, write a stack of songs that were sort of approximate in theme or quality, but who would care (I should mention that I'm 71 years old)?  Murdoch looks out his window and it's all pretty girls lying on grassy park lawns reading CS Lewis and Patricia Highsmith, I look out my window and it's grown men on kid bikes going to the gas station to get an energy drink and some Kools.

Oh, and Joe

Never forget.

Sometime in the off-season, our Joe was traded to the Panthers.  And HE looks great as well, with Cam Newton out with a broken thumb.  So while the Vikings foolishly let go of the Greatest Player in the History of Mankind, we will have an extra reason to look at the Panthers, to see what Joe is up to.

Famous last words

Matt Cassel looks good, Teddy Bridgewater looks VERY good and Ponder is benched.  Could the Vikings actually go .500 for the season?

We will try not to get ahead of ourselves.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lake Erie 8

Attempted Star Wars, but shockingly the small man was not into it.
I, however, was still annoyed with all the extra digital crap added ca. 1997.

Lake Erie 7

That 1983-era pre-Bruce Weber Ralph look, or maybe
post-Ordinary People.

Lake Erie 6

Temperature was perfect.

Lake Erie 5

I can't tell if my meager hair is blown into a Heatmiser or if there is a tree behind,
but either way - terrifying.

Not pictured: Johnny Football

Lake Erie 4

A cement factory, scenic/pastoral as hell

Many surfaces on which to run cars

I'm talking history.  HISTORY.

Lake Erie 3

With aunties Jen and Julie!

Lake Erie 2

Tattoo of this?

Lake Erie 1

Way excited at prospect of trip...

Farewell for now

Gabe back to the GA, with added lighting from the scene in Apocalypse Now
where the mission is explained to Willard.

The infirmities of age

"Emceed" local six band rock night, was hilarious.  But how dumb.
I don't feel too old to rock.  I need to learn sequencing, I guess, make the
PSB/New Order record I fucking owe myself.


This always blows my mind - Chet Baker in the late 70's at local jazz/rock
"nite club."

Moving Day

Helped a friend pack up to move from a house where we've spent many, many hours.  Bittersweet.  She's still in the neighborhood, which is great.  Anyway, this wistful little stamping will be missed* - very Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie.

* will it?


A wonderful find?


Monday, August 25, 2014

The time I was in an Old Navy

We had to buy pants for a friend for an emergency, thought it easy to go to the Old Navy nearby.  I survived!  In fact, it wasn't entirely unpleasant.

"See if this color is okay...?" (it was)

A clean, friendly place.

In my head when I woke up

"Hat nite!"

Like a 1978 National Geographic!

Weak, man

My smart-ass brother Loaf (formerly my dad's) actually
is seen here making fun of his former father's stroke-ridden
rictus toward the end.  UNCOOL, LOAF!

Several looks of Ruru

The "Mom Pout"

The "Who Me?"

The "I Can Walk, But Thank God I Don't Have To"
The Full "I'm In Some Okay Early 90's British Band
Such as Ride."

In the next field is the "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence" meadow

Somewhere in Ohio:

Like a southern gentleman,

he came bearing gifts.

Gabe visit

Last time the Green Bean, now a 1999 Porsche 911.  What next?  An ice cream truck?  An Edsel?

Good hell! Bud Man!

Friday, August 22, 2014


That "they" are still doing this is baffling

Sad eyes of grease crayon dogs

Was at the nice neighborhood frame shop and saw these:
someone in the neighborhood is in the dog portrait business.
Amazing.  That's Sloan at bottom.  MORE INFO AS I GET IT!

Because saying "cheesarito" is too complicated for the people of today

Family history

Because I am, like Oppenheimer, become death or something, my aunt also passed away last week, at 94.  Two funerals in two days.  Whoa.  Anyway, pictures on display included these:

My mom driving ca. 1946.  Note how the disembodied hand on wheel echoes
the single sleeve for "Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before."

Don holding brother Pheel

Look at the painting in the background in its original environment!

Cousin Tom, found at Tunguska site

Dave at maximum Dazed and Confused

Fran, looking sweet in NYC or maybe Boston