Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy new year!


Holiday bonus

Speaking of cats,

maybe we will finally add Margo to the household in a few weeks? Maybe?


MS Paint New Yorker Cartoon 12/30/2010

"I always love grandmother's FUCKED-up stories about
life before Joe Webb..."

Order this!

I thought this was going to more about graffiti when it's actually more about, as it says, street art.

You need it, whoever you are.

We were inside the Barbie House!

Long time followers of this screed will remember that the Bride is somewhat obsessed with the 1840's-era pink house around the corner from us. Well, it's sooper-cheep now and my mother-in-law wanted to take a tour in case she wanted to buy it and start her own slumlord business (we're thinking "Joan's Homes").


We can put up a sign like at Twelve Oaks: "Anyone disturbing the peace on this plantation will be prosecuted"!

View from the porch!

Old-ass woodwork!

If we ever moved in here, all my imaginary awards could go here! In fact, they are already there! Don't you SEE them?

Lead glass-tastic!
Let's hope something good happens!

Souvenirs from Eataly

Hey! Our friend Phil brought us a salami and some parmesan from Eataly! Rock!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Warhol Catch-up

Hey! Like all other twits with blogs, I was a Warhol acolyte and wore black to high school the day he (He?) died. So let's play Warhol Catch-Up!

* Older brother John died yesterday.

* On the Art Institute trip last week, the Bride bought me this as a bonus gift, and, man, was it ever full of crap I'd never, ever seen before! A must!

* Among those things never seen were these cat portraits!

Reading rule for 2011

My other problem (?) is that I re-read too much. I'm like ADD king with this shit. I can be reading something and really enjoying it and walk across the room and see something be like "Ooh! Maybe I'm more in the mood for that!" Weather is a problem with this, too. Snow? Maybe I should re-read The Centaur!

SO, I am issuing a self-edict! ONLY NEW-TO-ME books in 2011! NO re-reading.

Except Green Thoughts by Eleanor Perenyi as needed, art books that need to be re-perused, cookbooks and books that needs to be taken down to find a specific passage to settle long-standing arguments.

Ah, a pun

Not terribly big on puns, at all. But with Tynan dead, someone must put their imprimatur on this nugget from Richard Powers's The Goldbug Variations, where someone who is close to marriage a number of times is referred to by acquaintances as "Near Mrs."

Ah, and a cursory google shows that there was a movie with Judge Reinhold [him again!] from 1992 called just that. Fuck.


I tell you, check this kid's eye and then try to tell me that the world wasn't waiting for JOE WEBB!

Why a bad morning?

GRAVITY! That's why. Woke up a bit late, then everything that could fall fell - razor out of the the shower, immense shampoo bottle crashes down on my toe ["Goddammit!" yelleth I], token falls off nightstand into some dark was ridiculous.

Things have calmed down, but only just.

Chris Glass - soothing

I have had a pretty spectacular year, now that I think (and not to brag). Hooked up with old friends, made many new ones, including graphic wizard/design guru/bon vivant Chris Glass, whom I met through Kyle.

Reason this occurs to me is I was having a bad morning (so few of those these days, I should have just enjoyed it, from an anthropological standpoint), and thought, looking at old links, that I should pop over to and see what was happening. Tons of stuff, natch. But there was a photo that sort of blew my mind out of my giant, misshapen head:

Innate Beta Band-ness aside, I was sort of all agog at nature's mysteries and shit, and now I feel fine!

So, you know, thanks, Chris!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Why, yes, since you ask...

the Supergrass is 10 comp is taking the edge of those "back-to-work after a nice, long holiday" blooz!

"Iranian Hostage" Play-Set a HUGE hit!

Or: "Guests' Stockholm syndrome hits fever pitch as clock hands near midnight!"

Scenes from Yule-times!

Gabe displays award-winning brother-crushing facial follicles!

Josie opens "Don't get CAULKY!" shirt

Caitlin: "So, um...'Po,' is it? You're older than my dad, pretty much!"
Po: "Yeah? You've probably never heard 'Temples of Syrinx'...uh..."

The Games Mistress leads all in a rousing board game of some sort!

Smash Hits winners Dave and Joe meet PSB Neil!!

Folks arriving for Xmas mildness

Me, about an hour ago:

Girls of the Art Institute

Here are some lovelies!

This 1600's little lady really put the lead in my (golf)-pencil when I was about ten:

I liked this on the cover of a J Crew catalog ca. "Cruise" '07:

Henri Matisse was all about the "1993 Barney's ad-in-the-New Yorker" look toward the end of his life, apparently. I'm sure Marina Rust has a calendar in her kitchen with this on it.:

Finally, this buxom lady comes all hungover from Edward Hopper's High Noon. "Is someone at the door? I'd best answer with my sweet rack all askew!" Epic. Also, some Thom Jones/Richard Ford dude used this pic on a book jacket some time in 1989...

A thought for the Native American...

We went to the D____ Art Institute on Thursday afternoon for the hell of it. I was hoping we would get locked in, ...Frankweiler-style. Did not happen!

Here is the Bride, though, reflecting on the plight of her people (she's about 1/256ths Cherokee or something...about the same extent that I am Hank Aaron's grandson):

Are YOU doing your part?

To stop Johnny Depp's intended remake of The Thin Man?

If not, why not?

World wide WEBB!

I was scoffed at, even by the biggest Vikings fan I know, for picking them against the Eagles.

Evidently, these doubters had forgotten Joe Webb. Which is BULLSHIT!

Joe says, regarding the game being postponed until Tuesday:

It's another situation you can't control. The only thing we can control is
keeping our focus and staying composed. We need to fight through this adversity.
It's important not to check out mentally and stay in the playbook studying so we
are prepared for the game.

He's a one-man Serenity Prayer, for cri yi!



"Ah have torn a hole in the space-time continuum...thus, for me, it is always thirty seconds ago!"

Ergo, space-time pig!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Too much

A correspondent calls this "over the top":

"Stay afraid, America!" he says.

This is sort of Whitney biennial worthy, though:

and this:

Why, yes I do have

that Smiths bootleg of demos, but have not listened to it. Am sort of afraid.

Full report in January!

When the Bride is mayor

I think, as a tourist attraction, she will have to get this statue brought from Russia and put along the river somewhere: