Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy new year

The River Phoenix Story

Per a youtube commenter:

I was working at a CD store 16 years ago, and a guy walked in. I couldn't breathe, because I thought it was River Phoenix. It wasn't, but I married him and had a baby boy who was born the night River Phoenix died and I named him River. True story.

Field report re: various acquaintances and what they are up to

Be careful, Rafe

A warning to my son: as you get older people will try to sell you gross-ass bullshit. For instance, Shaun White sheets and skull bank:

Just be careful is all I want to say!

In fact,

a friend wrote the other day to say "By the way, 'Samurai in Autumn"? How amazing are those lyrics?"

And he was right, even though in their entirety they are:

It's not as easy as it was
or as difficult as it could be
for the samurai in autumn



A reminder:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Promo tie-in for the Obvious's "Oakwood Cops" single reissue

Christmas loaf looks



"Los Alamos"

"Hiya, Pope!"

"Matching hairstyles"

Fun and games at the nursing unit

Me: "Okay, I'm going..."

Dad: "How m'I supposed to pay for this?"

Me: "It's cool, dad. I will reimburse from your checking account..."

Dad: "Doesn't Nick do that?"

Me: "...what?"

Dad: "Can you do that? I thought Nick did it."

Me: "I'm Nick."

Dad: "You're [my brother] Phil!"

Me: "Who has the baby, Dad?"

Dad: "You."

Me: "So who am I?"

Dad: "Phil."

Phil says he's going to ask them when the last time Phil was in to see them and see what he gets!


Selections from my monograph

Flying Pizza (Pencil), 2011, cell phone photograph

How Piggies Eat (Nursing Home), 2011, cell phone photograph

Lost soul

Listen to Joe

"Just come up with great spirit, leads to great victories..."

Gonna wear that sweater tomorrow as a tribute.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Weekend/Merry Christmas

Those Christmas weekend image runners up in full

Oh! Another sci-fi idea

The transporter thing from The Fly, right? Only Chooch and Ian get caught in it and this is what comes out of it!:


When you make a prequel, like this new Alien thing or those crappy Star Wars movies, care should be taken to make the special effects and such actually less tech than when the original came out. Y'know?

I watched this Prometheus trailer and the idea that this CGI gizmo is in any way related to the haunted house original of Alien is just crazy.

What someone (you!) should do, right, is a mega-meta movie about a sci-fi society that has undergone some sort of tech downgrade between its prequel and sequel. So, like the characters from the prequel arrive to see the people from the "original" (who are walking around in dusty Chinatown-style film, with "lazers"), leaving time for lots of Charlie Kaufman(sp?)-style hijinx, and everyone spends the entire movie sitting around discussing what could have happened. Sorta Philip K Dick, as well.

I'd like to see that, but then I hate the movies, barring ones I've seen before.

Having kids means Christmas cards, apparently


Nope, still don't care about the Minutemen.

Runners up: Superchunk!

Another Magnolia thing

Have I ever mentioned on this blog that our friend Poolbox (for it was he), when watching his rented DVD's of Magnolia ca. when it came out on home video, stonily watched Disc 2 first? As if it was the beginning?

Remind me to!

Where do they go?

Where all those weird J Crew and Ralph items that I had in the late 80's and early nineties? I don't remember getting rid of them. Like that green plaid shirt with the black buttons.

I was pretty loaded for a long time, but just don't remember doing a prep Dance of the Seven Veils, casting off items along Linden Avenue.


There should be a way to get all this crap back, other than ebay.


A follower writes:

As per your own blog:

* per a cursory glance at the internet -
maybe he's stopped liking them and hangs out with Adam Duritz, the singer for
Maroon 5 and Tim Allen.

He is not the singer for Maroon 5 AND Tim Allen. I WANT MY OXFORD COMMA!

Hmm. Well, I regret if anyone was offended by this. My take is that if there is ambiguity the oxford or serial comma should be used. I saw no ambiguity, and would guess that our readers here, some of the most wonderful and intelligent creatures ever to exist, would feel likewise. The "singer for Maroon 5" line (Adam Levine, actually) was just a bit of denigrating or dismissiveness.

Again, we here at Nick Eddy Relents submit our apologies if this rankled.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sparky tributes rolling in!


Nickname o' the week!

Well played, Auntie Cheryl!

Even though the artist is friends with Sting and Robin Williams*,

I dig this painting by something called Stephen Hannock:

* per a cursory glance at the internet - maybe he's stopped liking them and hangs out with Adam Duritz, the singer for Maroon 5 and Tim Allen.

Savannah is party town

Christmas present of the year, says our MN connection

Here's hoping it happens

Mike is making pedals. Maybe we can use them to record the upcoming pile of sludge we're doing in the new year (hint hint). Look closely to Note the famed (well, to Kyle and me) Pained Guy etched on the circuit boards!

Currently reading:

Just in time for Yuletide!