Wednesday, November 27, 2013



No New Year's Eve party

Thinking of not hosting New Year's Eve shenanigans for the first time in about five hundred years - most of our peeps will be gone - and doing nothing.  At least that's what we're going to say.  Try coming by on 12/31, though.  Huh!  No one home.

Best web address ever?


What you'll be reading this holiday weekend, no doubt

Room 237

That skier at left?  A minotaur, actually, according to
some dipshit.
Ian (I think?) had said this was terrible and it was.  I had read articles about The Shining conspiracies phenom like anyone.   I knew the Bride would hate it, so the Bun and I settled in and watched it while she was at a neighborhood meeting thing last night.  Terrible sound, never do they show any of these goofs with these wacky theories, no revelations you haven't read you could do what these people are doing with most any movie: "That scene in Terminator 2 where Ed Furlong's foster dad gets jabbed through the head by Bob Patrick's cyber arm and the carton of milk is stabbed, too?  That's a message that Jimmy Cameron was getting ready to help fake those weird cow slaughter/genital abductions in the 90's!"

How did they miss out on this?

How did that Almost Human show miss out on using this for the theme song?  Redone by Imagine Dragons or some shit.  Or maybe it is the theme song.  I don't know.  Okay, bye!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A lesson in openmindedness

Bought a pair of Levi 501's at Marshalls or TJ Maxx one day many months back while the Bride was trying shit on...the right size, like twenty bucks.  Got home, touched them and was dismayed - oh, noes, 2% stretchy shit!  Ick!  That can't be right.  So I just tossed them in the back of the pile o' pants, hopefully never to be found again.  Then last week I was folding/sorting/disposing of pants and said, oh, screw it, wear them on a Saturday and if you get them messed up doing some he-man outdoor bullshit, big deal.  Well, after a day, I liked them a lot!  Maybe they won't fade right as time goes on...but in the midst of life we are in death and I am likely to be struck down in the thick of things long before the stretch leaves these dungarees.  What was I saying?  Oh, I need to give shit a chance.

Deep in a Dream

Belle and Sebastian problem

I know I've said it before, young uns, but I grew up in a perfect time, with New Order and Smiths and shit.  I mean, I bought License to Ill, "Ask" and the Egg Hunt single the same day, as has been said.  What worries is me is that are no more bookish nerd kids who love Smiths-like crap, or, more to the point, if these kids do exist, what new is there to listen to?  Are there smart bands that have a whole fey-ass lifestyle attached?  I'm losing sleep over this.  What will happen to the bun?


"There's this cave I really, really, really wanna open..."

Oh, and the Band

Lisa Vanderpump, who is famous, at left

Local musicians here are taking the stage to perform all of The Last Waltz, as a fundraiser for local NPR warhorse.  Okay, fine.  Never mind the fact that it gives high school marching band people a reason to feel that playing a horn is somehow relevant to life or that the Band blows.   What is really sucking the life out of this tired earth is that Jeff Tweedy and dudes from friggin' Guster and whoever else are doing the same thing somewhere else (likely Chicago, am too lazy/annoyed to check).  Argh!

This, of course, provokes me to no end and makes me want to mount a staged production of the entirety of ABC's Mantrap (the movie tie-in made to capitalize on the success of Lexicon of Love) or maybe go on as a senior on X-Factor doing "Killing of a Flashboy."

Oh, wait, I promised to gripe, right?

Had friends over for dinner on Saturday and ended up in a conversation where I was made to defend my decision to not give a shit about Bob Dylan Self Portrait.  I have earned the right to this decisiveness.

Steinbeck sea change

Not crazy for Steinbeck, by any stretch, but for some reason I put my hand to The Log from the Sea of Cortez, his book about a six-week exploration of Baja California and it rules.  Who'd a thunk?

Not even sure how long I've had this or why...must have been from a used book sale.  Maybe?

Dali Kelley

The way these two photos ended up sitting on top of one another in the gallery made an interesting portrait.  Squint and see if I'm lying.

Rabbits vs polar bear

Why Barnes and Noble is dying

Heard a commercial thingy on NPR which said that featured artists right now include: Mumford and Sons, Bonnie Raitt, Half Moon Run, Christian [Somebody] and Dawes.   Never mind the Nook debacle.

Nick Eddy Relents: Heading Toward Zero Actual Content?

Had a  discussion on Saturday wherein I was basically apologizing to a reader for the lack of actual readable content on the blog.  Baby pictures, dumb shit I've seen...where are the spittle-flecked screeds of yestermonth?  Well, I'm busy.  But I will try to step it up!  In fact, I will try today to bring the hammer down on any number of items which are provoking me.  I don't want this blog to be, as we said in Texas when I was there for a week a year and a half ago, all hat and no cattle.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Attention Duran fans:

Yes, yes, the bacon resurgence was played by late 2009, BUT:

Sorta appears to be floating in a sort of brine.  Hot damn.

American ingenuity UNBOWED!

"Stop Breaking Shells!" HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO

Memories of a gentler time

Seen on the wall at Five Guys.  CSNY: "bold".
Billy Idol!  Plus the date range includes my wedding day
to wife #2!

This "tagger" really got his point across:

Aww! Thanks, shitty local Banksy!

4th and Wayne, if you don't believe me.

Not timely, exactly, but brilliant marketing!

Saw this box of Kleenex at the Bride's office...what did it remind me of?  Oh, right, the back cover of Purple Rain.  And it makes a lot of sense, too:  listening to "Beautiful Ones" and remembering That Special Night can lead to storms of tears.

Bun at pediatrician

Photo by Rafe, natch.
Doc actually said "congratulations!" in regard to how healthy a small rabbit is.  Whew!

From a glass house in Minnesota:

Extra effort noted in Savannah, GA:

Gabe saw this guy in RUN-DMC catz tee shirt and asked if he could take his picture, and not only did RUN-DMC catz guy say sure, but he ran out to his car to get his hat!

Prison wine question:

Hums "No Regrets" by Robbie
Can the fermentation process be stopped at a point before it all goes fully alcohol?  That is, is their no-
alcohol prison wine?  For the dude who got sober after prison, or in prison, but who missed that old flavor.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Weekend runner-up

Sigh!, and:

And this:

DAMN! Beat me to it...

Wait! Muscle man of TOMORROW?

Somehow this picture stored to my PC as being
from tomorrow!  BUN OUT OF THE FUTURE!

Muscle man

See, I feel for the people who work in the plant where this is made

Wouldn't you think of Army Archerd every day?

"Four Sticks"

AND he's actually playing "Four Sticks!"

Which of these dudes who both died in 1948 is more badass?

Marine biologist and Steinbeck crony Ed Ricketts...

or Citizen Kane cinematographer Gregg Toland?



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's really laughable, ha ha ha ha ha ha (etc)

Landed yesterday, fucking natch.

Also just seen around, somewhere

Bullshit, buddy!

Oh, right


Viking crushed by Bengal, as it will be on 12/22!


"Oh, sweet lord, why can we not live in this
house where the vacuum is directly out of the wall
in every room??"

"Hey, let's let the 2 year old climb a ladder!"


Strange PJ bottoms

Not sure how my dad ended up with these
fleece Guinness-branded sleepy pants?

And speaking of matters Bowie-esque,

am just going to keep on listening in the truck to Sci-Fi Lullabies and not stopping.  Sure.

Oh, New York magazine...

From their "154 Lost Classics" listicle:

Jobriath, Jobriath (1973) - What if the most shameless David Bowie impersonator you've ever heard made a high-camp sci-fi glam-rock concept album as good - or better - than Bowie's own records?

1. that should read "as good as - or better than - Bowie's own records?"

2. Yeah, what if that happened?  Because it sure didn't happen with this half-written pile of shit!  ZING!


"Is this a little redundit?"

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bun at the Whitney Museum

Gossip Girl (Credits), 2013, cell phone photo

Bun's portrait series: