Monday, April 30, 2012

WHY must advertisers constantly commodify my brother's nickname?

Scoot, scoot, face plant

(and a tooth is rolling up!  Whoot!)


Fuck it!  Three green zebras it is!

Lettuces of the universe!

Marked then dated.  Well, not dated yet in

Also: leftover wood from making new beds,
will burn in NFL season as Joe Webb starts 5000 year
reign of the Vikings!

Cretin on a fence

Now what, Nina?

I mentioned my co-worker's girlfriend's dog Nina last September. She eats everything.

The other night co-worker and gf went out to pick up something to eat then came home.  Twenty minutes.

While they were out, Nina ate three-quarters of a loaf of bread, then, feeling full, she proceeded to hide the remaining slices in two different sofas, to save them for later.


About time!

You can grow your own patchouli!

It never really occurred to me that patchouli was a plant - I just thought it was wafting up from the devil's backed-up toilet in hell!

It DID get garlicky

Skewers, sizzling.

Suck it, Vermeer.
Souvlaki, spanakopita, greek salad, garlic bread with four whole heads roasted dulce de leche and berries.

A stop at Omega Music

Not as dirty as it sounds.

Shit like this is another reason all labels are dead.
Harrison retread, fucking Cher, Billy Bragg (why?),
Rat Pack...yep, these are all thisclose. 

It's always Chooch's birthday somewhere!

Mendelson's 2012 - 6 - "1978 in a cup"

Kyle gamely bought coffee (.35) from one of those beyond old-school coffee machines where the cup falls down and you get the coffee from behind a little clear sliding door.  I foresaw that it would be "lousy," and it was.  Tired coffee sort of crossed with consomme.  Or maybe they were using up the super-past-sell-by French dip mix.  Plus we failed to opt for added "whitener."

Mendelson's 2012 - 5 - A Miscellany!

The infamous "tube room."  Adults only!

Robot casting complete for updated shitty D_____ version
of Lost In Space!

"Hey!  Who's up for a French dip made with .39 au jus
mix from a mildewy warehouse???"


Kyle was just in NYC and says that he was told dust
was coming back.  But who knew they useta
give it out in hospitals??

Here's that Glen [sic] Miller sheet music you've been looking for.

Full title: When Grandpa Died and We Went to Go
See The Black Hole Later

Mendelson's 2012 - 4 - "That's a BIG light bulb!"

This bulb is, like, a foot big!
Right you are, Applachian lady in "Got Beer?" tee shirt!

Mendelson's 2012 - 3 "Things All Lit Up!"

This is all for sale!  Why are you still reading this???

Mendelson's 2012 - 2 "The Way We Were"

Here's the sole record in the whole 500K square feet of the place:

Rike's!  The Occupy people are trying to bring this
defunct store back, I'm told!

Mendelson's 2012 - 1

"At last!  We of these!"
Like clockwork, every 17, 19 or 23.5 months, I end up at Mendelson's, a huge crazy store downtown that has both a). 100,000,000 screws and bolts, but not the one you need and b.) some of the creepiest closeout items copped from god-knows-where ever.  This time it was in search of that u-bolt I need to fix the still-unfixed swing set in the tot lot.  Kyle came along.

Join us!

Strangely, did not steal this

Saw this awful music stand Saturday and did not walk out with it!

"Why are McDonald's commercials so bad?"

(This has been a Smells Like Sullivan post, wherein thoughts that pop into my head that sound like Andrew Sullivan topics are thus commemorated/enshrined/remembered/recorded/entombed)


"Did you get a hold of that Vanna chick...or...Brandy?...So they let let him onto the property?"

God help me

I never feel like I'm really into a book until I'm forty (40) pages into it, and it's been this way since I was wee.

Somehow, I made it forty+ pages into The Pale King yesterday, so I guess I'm committed.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weekend (tie)

Oh, scoff away

It's all green out but cold (or going to be - and a lovely 80% chance of rain and storms for the weekend), so I am going to burn a copy of my fave cold spring record ever, and I don't give a shit if you find me twee or pretentious. 


You win, Maarten Baas.
This bowled me over (again via the Times magazine thingy): a "plastic chair" in the classic plastic chair shape made of wood.  I love it.

There will be garlic

Bride's birthday Saturday! Making souvlaki kebabs with my famous six-clove tzatziki.  Well, it's not famous yet, but will be after Saturday!  Anyway, am telling all of you to make garlicky stuff and leave it as an offering in front of your houses.

Choose Your Own Chunk

 A Mavis Afternoon, 2012

The Full 25 O'Clock, 2012

How can this be?

An I Am The Cheese movie?  With the older brother from E.T.? 

What th'?

I have the same eerie feeling of incredulity about this as I did when someone told my non-cable having ass about a movie of KV's Slapstick back in high school.

Cover art for the sequel to "The Missing 3/4 lbs of Bacon"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Was already better before last (pre-scheduled) post posted

Finally got the phone call I needed (local principal telling me it was okay to put a dumpster in the parking lot [on my birthday, no less] for alley cleanup), AND straightened out a couple of other things.  Can't see, but WHO CARES!?


Can you tell I've had a miserable day?  Likely not.  Anyway, I left my glasses (which I have really, really come to rely on) on the bathroom sink, taking the Bride's to work (frames are similarly hued).  So I can't see.  AND the allergies.  The pollen is just crazy, can practically see green dust floating before my field of vision.  AND busy.  AND waiting on a phone call that never gets returned.

This is like a Bonnie Tyler song.

Oh, well, experience has taught me that tomorrow will be better.  Maybe.

"1000's helped!"

Had you heard of these little statues that help you sell your house?  I had not.

This is how I roll

"'Rack City?' Turn it up!"

Meeting a lady baby

[in his best Jarvis voice:] "Fancy a formula,