Friday, April 24, 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This happened

Heads up:

It was a winter, yes

STILL some snow outside a local community college parking garage

Moods o' Bea

Grumpy (yet ducky)




To be framed shortly

Oh, they're coming

Those "Who Killed Record Store Day?" think pieces.

Lawnmower Man

This is after Trader Joe's...second grocery in a row deemed mowable.

Taking a break, yet again

First Street needs a sprucing up... does the hallway at my MyStErY wOrKpLaCe.

@ garden station

Me: "Rafe, we are going to be in Dollar General for 90 seconds, don't need a mower, man!"
R: "Yes, I do!"

Monday, April 20, 2015

How posts win

I still see dumb shit all the time, take a picture and say "it's tough running a blog" to whomever I'm with.   Sometime posts win extra big, as with:

I mean, you know, Power Station.   Which is also what Kraftwerk means in German, as you know.

But then the sorta-hidden "deep" life advice becomes apparent with some judicious pruning:

While I'm dredging up icons of the past,

have been making a half-assed attempt to read American Psycho for the whatevereth time.  Here are the proper times of the year to read BEE books:

Less Than Zero - July
The Rules of Attraction - just before school starts (duh)
American Psycho - last week/April
The Informers - just after Thanksgiving
Glamorama - January
Lunar Park - October
Imperial Bedrooms - August or vacation or - best - never

See, I don't post regularly for ages and then I post crap like this. You're trapped, you.

At long last Morrissey

Looking to get this Prong shirt for the show.   Reasons why will become apparent
in due time, mes chers.
Until he cancels, I'm finally seeing Morrissey on June 30th.   I almost went to see the Smiths in Cleveland in 1986, but failed to see that last-ever American tour leg as I had to go work at TCBY.   Yes.

What would I ask Morrissey?  We've been through this before, but I want to know if the "ECK cetera"s all over "Sweet and Tender Hooligan" were on purpose or not.  As he is devious, truculent and unreliable, I'm guessing he would chortle and aver that of course they were intentional.  I'd know if he were lying.

Bring Back Rike's, Part XXXVI

Forsythia forsything

New Buz LP

We Are the Sleepyheads

Bea and Naya, taking a break

No bad luck has surfaced - yet!

Wind blew bedroom door shut, mirror crashed to floor...

Eight more beds

As if more proof were needed that I have lost my mind.

Weekend images I've slept on

Weekend of a madman

Attacking Mt. Compost With Foam Swords (which sounds like an Eno record)

Frank Miller-esque


"So this is 7 Seconds, huh?"

Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Enjoy my Willa Cather top!"

A new dance craze

Well, new as of 2 weeks ago or more when this picture was taken.

What you want to do, right, is put on "Animal Nitrate" by Suede and then lick a table. Obviously.

Maybe our only hope...

Experimenting with posting from my phone, because it's 2009.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015

What are YOUR thoughts?

Kids Fest '85

Someone cue up "Digging Your Scene!"

From the Grey Gardens...of my life

I see this amazing lady on the street a couple of times a week.