Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

New Year runner-up

New year advice


Maybe my Isherwood kick will continue into the New Year and I will babble about it then.

Wisdom from Gabe's grandma's kitchen

"Rattan Doe"



Oh, no!  Being around other kids leads to first ever upset stomach or bug or what have you and first, you know, barfing.
10:30 am "Urgh..."
4pm: "Eggs!"
7 pm: solemn reflection on our mortality

Mystery drums

"Whose drums are these?"

Dog Suit Necessity

"That! That!"

Caption contest

Mike b(r)ought this amazingly weird watercolor for Rafe's bedroom...place your caption ideas in the comments, America! I'll go first!:

"Now, the street name for this stuff is 'Devil'..."

Pie Party!

Joel shares a sheep

Other kids always have cool stuff

"Let's go outside and yell 'echo!' for ten minutes!"

Snazzy White House Christmas card

Post-pie, someone needs to scramble on to the Subaru roof.

"Uh...hold, please..."


Stir frying/first Ab Fab


Fur piece, vape and Spencer

Boxing Day complete!

The new Public Enemy


A new baby, named after Caitlyn's dog.  Aww!


Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Night 10 - fin

Caught!  Away from the party action, Picci unwound with a copy
of Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung.

Christmas Night 9

You can fully expect this on your bank's home page in 5, 4, 3,...

Christmas Night 8 - The Egg Hunt Story

Christmas '86, Mike bought all the girls we knew (and Kyle) Egg Hunt shirts, direct from Dischord (not sure how much several shirts would have cost, post paid).  Egg Hunt, as we know, was a one-off single that was done between Minor Threat and Fugazi.  But all the Punk Chicks we knew were into calling cuties/hotties "eggs," as in "Oh, god, he's such an egg."

Anyway, it stuck in my craw for 27 years that I was not presented with one of the shirts. Resentment is the number one offender!  Handily, Jeff Nelson (who drummed on it!) is printing up all sorts of vintage merch, of which I availed myself for these:

Everyone was, of course, delighted, and I now have another novelty tee shirt that it will never occur to me to wear.

OH!, and human interest: look at the nice message Old Jeff Nelson sent along:

How nice!

Christmas Night 7: a miscellany

Christmas Night 6

Alyson's madelines caused Proustian recall in extremis.

Christmas Night 5


Christmas Night 4

Another satisfied library peruser
chuckles at Andersonian ripostes, obviously.

Christmas Night 3

Blurred mom!

Christmas Night 2

Christmas Night 1

Ooh!  What could it be?