Monday, September 30, 2013

Imaginary overheard:

"Yeah, so I heard they are replacing the Indian with David Yow..."

Tough Chicago bird

Had someone killed to get this discarded french fry...

Along South Michigan avenue at the Cafe des Artistes you have passed nine million times

Young and lovely.

Straight out of the NYT "Vows" section.

Ha! The Bride went here for a while

Tres cher, actually.

Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you

This here is Alex.  I went with her and her beau Kenny (the Bride's office mate) to Chicago to see Neil'n'Chris.

A lovely kid!

GUESS, though, what she knows all about!  No, guess.


She confirms that 1) yes, it's quite woodsy inside and 2) that, if the mini-woods is big enough, no, one cannot see out.

Thanks, Alex!

On the way

Those autumnal garden mornings of yesteryear...

or, actually, just Saturday.
This time of year, as Mother Earth prepares to seal her primordial blah blah blah

Fall crops from some enterprising locals.

Close to last fill up for the season, surely?
Throw on some Clientele, yo.

Top ten things I would tell Truman Capote were I his AA sponsor

Not that I know anything at all about the fellowship to which Stephen King so artfully avoids admitting membership:

10. "Andy didn't mean it, really."

9. "Everyone's mother is a drag, man."

8. "Well, see, no one really likes a gossip."

7. "Why would Jack want to change?"

6.  "I do not need to hear one more syllable about Lee Radziwill."

5. "No, Dr. Bob was not that 'hot.'"

4. "Forgiving Gore - remind me for what again, by the way? - doesn't mean loving Gore."

3. "That was not your story to tell is why they're pissed [sic]."

2. "No, call Babe now, or you'll regret it later."

1. [tie] "Tell them the book doesn't exist or live with the consequences"/"Stop with the colons all the time!"

Panic Butter

No one needs to think about the B52's at all, really, but - but -- I always thought that Fred was shouting "press the panic butter!" instead of "button," making a haha because, you know, lobsters and butter.  It turned out not to be true, of course.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Greater Savannah area: welcome to the late 1990's!

Savannah finally got a Chipotle (I know!!).

Gabe: Chipotle opened today!

NE: How many times have you been there?

Gabe: 32.

It will be fine

Don't panic!
Now, listen: I accidentally bought the wrong kind of Vlasic Farmer's Garden pickles, getting the bread and butter ones instead of customary zesty garlic.  It will be okay.

Home Movie 4

Home Movie 3 - Logrolling

Home Movie 2 - Directed and shot by a bun!

He says it takes on "Tarkovskian themes":

Home movie 1 - Truck

Attention: atheists!

I can understand why the whole God concept may blow, really...but how can you dispute the divine in this?

Oh, and speaking of Milo,

here are Shappy, me and Po at Descendents show at Bogart's, 7/4/87.

May have posted before, so if so: sorry, all.

And while I'm griping,

how and why is Neal Pollack on Jeopardy?  Even at micro-fame level, he's still, like, known.  This was like when Ben Fong-Torres was on.  Who next? Bill Berry?  Milo Aukerman?  Skinner?

Do not want/need/get, etc.

Seriously, what the hell?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Um, Ghost

I need to make more statements like this:

"The most beautiful thing in London is McDonalds." - Richey Edwards


Dog with stitches

A friend's:

Marcel Duchamp on Nick Eddy Relents?

Right back at ya, babe.
"...I think the great man of tomorrow [he means me here] in the way of art cannot be seen, and should go underground.  He may be recognized after his death if he has any luck, but he may not be recognized at all."

Nice Stephen King interview

Too personal

I'd forgotten all about Charles Ray and may need a book on him. Okay, bye!

Seen on Amazon 2

Seen on Amazon 1

Review of Taipei by Tao Lin:

At last! Rabbit-shaped snacks!

Mingo, last glimpses of

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So brilliantly unnecessary


"Shit's getting all Caravaggio up in here, man..."


Or, possibly, Raiford the Orange:


This baby bottle filled with cafe au lait was at Grandma's, and the bun's aunt was there, so back off with all the CPS threats!

Twista the Halfling

Maybe Twister.  Anyway, just check out this kitten with divided face like that one original Star Trek episode.  Hoping someone grabs him/her!


Broccoli rabe on its way!  Whomp!

Blue-winged olive

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Bride's suggested reading:

Horse money, etc...

Reagan is watching!

Sealing out the Squirrels 3

A Bun One from on high signals Mission Accomplished!
On to Skyline!

Sealing out the Squirrels 2

"Yep, these Kristian Svitek sneakers are stickier
than the tires on that VW that Gabe bought from
the Ramey brothers that one time."

Sealing out the Squirrels 1

Those squirrel guys we saw last week?  They captured three squirrels then want some weird amount ($275 or $350 or something like that) to put mesh over the holes.  BULLSHIT!  So, Kyle and I were called into service.
The view from the dumb end

Heads up, Mr Ponder:

Thought I should be fair and warn you that my wife wants to smack that smile off of your dome.

Good luck!

PSB dilemma: what to wear?

Actually, that post heading is a lie. I know exactly what to wear: jeans and a navy Ralph button-down, so as to look a bit like Neil in the "Getting Away With It" video.  I pray that an especially astute onlooker sneers and tells me "Neil's shirt was denim," which will be some sort of masochistic ecstasy for me, probably.

All black, probably


Grandma and an auntie took a rabbit to the Newport Aquarium and he lost his mind entirely, in the best possible way:

On his way there

He collapsed for about three hours on his return:

Maybe Chooch DID move here?

Whitney Biennial, Here Comes a Bun!

Bun, Equilibrium (Nature), 2013 (wheelbarrow, rainwater, tomatoes)
The bun's tribute to this:

Pretty fricking knowing, rabbit!

Band names are everywhere