Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bun, Literally

Think how happy these kids will be when Joe scores 1000 points this season

A brief trip through the junk mail:

Uh, came after "Ceremony"?  Still too Martin Hannett-y, hadn't yet
achieve the right mix of northern drear and dancefloor transcendence yet...

Tempting, this.  It could glow on the Morrissey
bust nightly.

Do they make this for Droids?


"I'm the best there is at what I do, no question."

"Just sent Snoopy out to the truck for a bowl of steam..."

Floor sammich

Fully expected this to be smeared on my amp, so yay.

Attention: all of those who wish to establish a Nick Eddy Museum

No need to build from scratch, then, for the house where I was raised is for sale!
Feel the dysfunction!

Received here

New word:

Chalcedony in green
Chalcedony: (n) a cryptocrystalline form of silica.

And I was pretty passionate about these

for about two months in 2006:

If you keep checking youtube long enough

someone will put up what you've been looking for:

Here comes Baxter

I wanted him to be called JustinBobby II, but anyway:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An exchange that occurred via text (hence the lazier than normal syntax):

True or false: you need this Morrissey bust?

I fear I must pass.  [The Bride] would be too annoyed.

Natch. Maybe consider moving out?  Just you and the plaster Morrissey?

Sort of a Lars and the real girl sequel

Yeah but more about a closet case and his fake head

Pick one

Let's change the blog avatar for the rest of the year.  Pick one and vote in comments; in fact, shake your mother awake, I mean really frighten her, and then ask her as well:

"Light and airy!/old guy trying too hard" version or:

"Dark and dirty/Eminem coming onstage/Terminator
done on Asylum budget" version

Have you seen him?

Because he's out there:

At Dragons 5

With neighbors who volunteered on the alley sweep, which caused
the free tickets in the first place.  Hip-hop semi-legend at left.

At Dragons 4

Argh!  Just missed the Bun One!

At Dragons 3

The hat era of the evening:
"This is the part of the night, I guess, where I wear a freebie cap like every other
East D_____ hood rat, huh?"
"Don't worry, it's DIET!"
"These constant photo effects are tarnishing my natural
memories of things and causing much unnecessary
forced nostalgia.  It's all very PKD, in a way."

At Dragons 2

These father and son moments which we blah blah blah

At Dragons 1

" call this 'pageantry?'"

On the way to the Dragons

We walked, no less.  City life, etc.

A cloud

Can rain stop Joe?

I think not!


Forgot to mention that the free book truck was out in force Saturday across from Rock Venue, and found this book (forget name, it's in the truck) with this author:

She sort of invented the whole "creepy nanny from The Omen" look, right?  This book, wait, gonna look it up - it was Someone Else - is about "loss." AND she wrote a witchcraft handbook, of course.  

Still alive!


Oh, god, it was like a law (and maybe still is) that every incoming college freshman in 1987 had to have a copy of Legend.  I had one, even.  Cute girls be all "Oh, I love 'Three Little Birds,' you guys!"

Yesterday, I heard a "remix" of, shit...I forget which.  Slightly-stale-already blips and bloops with Old Bob sounding slightly embarrassed for all involved popping in occasionally.

Next: that Atoms for Peace/Peter Tosh mashup!

A Nick Eddy app?

One of my brothers texted the other day:

When the f--k are you going to get a g--amn, motherf---ing, co-----king mobile app?

Another friend posits that she doesn't really have time for the blog all the time (such a commitment!), but would like an app that is like having me around, sort of.  I think this is what she said, it was told to me secondhand.  The gist of the app would be: slightly annoying in the morning, then throughout the day interesting little bits would plop out.  Like a day with me!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Great news from the North Country

"I found a dime and my hair looks great today."

Ziggy Sane

"It's a cover, anyway, innit?"
Yes, one can burn Ziggy and Aladdin Sane on one disc IF "It Ain't Easy" is deleted.

Oh, good: the "fuck you, pay me" boxcutters finally arrived

His and his.


First to ripen!

Sprinkled with salt, devoured

These two rolled up the next day.  WHOMP!

Whitney Biennial Here I Come, Part Eleventy-Seven

Perplexity, 2013, cell phone photo

Post-haircut comedown floor sandwich

Haircut comedown

Fell asleep like this!

Haircut before and after

(pineapple freezer-pop)

Like a tiny Deep Purple


Signs and symbols



Drunk Breeders fans getting the word out?


This reminds me that TV on the Radio had an album called OK Calculator,
which was the best/only thing they have done.

Do ya?

Our bass player, no less.

This was taped to back of the building.  Mysterious.