Friday, March 28, 2014


This just in:


Jasper and Crash.  Unlike ours, these two are good, I'm told.

Nick Eddy's Film Forumz Friday

1. just saw a story on Gawker where firemen kept a kid from panicking in a stuck elevator by singing "Let It Go" from Frozen at him/her.  How do all these fireman know this song?  Their kids?  Did anyone even see Frozen?  What IS GOING ON?

2. People say to me constantly "Nick Eddy - what is your day job like?, and I'm ashamed that I'm not doing more so you don't have to work at all!"  Well, thanks - I appreciate the sentiment!  As for my job, it's like this: the Bride and I have a commitment to go see The Grand Budapest Hotel tomorrow.  But if I say I'm going to a movie, I can't say which one here - because no one will know what I'm talking about.  I also can't say that I haven't really cared about old Wes's films since about 3/4ths of the way through The Life Aquatic, because my words would just float away, not comprehended, across limitless expanses of space/time.

If I were to say what I'm going to see, "they" would say, "Oh, is that the new Schwarzegger movie?  My husband wants to see that!" or perhaps "you should see Frozen!"

May have posted before:

Here, get rich

"skeedly thoop dip dop wooo"
Make a supercut or whatever of scenes with Walking Dead walkers and replace their sickly groans and mewling with old bass pops and slaps from Seinfeld.

Not sure how this will make you rich, but do it anyway.

A peeved Minnesotan writes:

People can already stop asking me about UD basketball this morning.
1. I don't know about the b-balls
2. As far as the gentrified riots or whatever the hell happened there last night, I just keep saying "when I lived there they burned couches every weekend, regardless"

For those of planning to come for garden cleanup from out of state:

S.P.U.G. cleanup postponed until NEXT Saturday.  Forty degrees for the high with 100% chance of precipitation.  NAY!

The most sad glove of spring

Also for the record

The Libertines only really had the one song, right?

For the record,

when our local basketball team won last night I set fire to three cars and threw my cans of Spam I was saving through our front window.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

And Jared Allen to the Bears

At least he's old.

Nick Eddy's True Tales: The Day I Wrote to Merge Records

Wrote to the general info inbox at Merge yesterday, of course wanting to know whether there would be any promo posters of the Suburban Light reissue.  I figured there would not be and they kindly informed me so.

My plan had been to order one at whatever they wanted to charge me and then get it framed for about $2,100.  Then unveil it to the Bride (who doesn't dislike the Clientele but is not crazy about them, either) and say "How's this for 'plinky'*??!?"

* her standard plaint re: MacLean and co.

"Blood and Tears"

Why I am bound to go to hell

One of Ian's bands played at SXSW and were onstage after Jimmy Vaughn, which lead to discussion of what one would say to Jimmy Vaughn.  "Hey, I love the blues!," etc.

I am evil so I thought of :" Man...sorry about your brother and all that...'China Girl' was really good..."


"Tebelman '93'"

This suddenly appeared in the stairwell to where we practice.

Signs of spring at Marge Memorial Gardens!

Went to pull the trash cans in and BLAMMO! - spring!

"Hey! A Jim Steranko Effect!"

Neal Adams "hid" this little tribute/jibe:

Formerly a Subway and a Cricket store

Me, right now

What is this?  No idea.
If you are wondering what's on my mind right now, rest assured it's NOT Dr. Who, nor will it ever be.

The Bride at Blur

You do know that the Bride, "pogoing" at a Blur show in 2003 and in an, er, enhanced state, put her spike heel right through the foot of a girl behind her, right?  Sadly, this was Think Tank era, so no Graham.  SIGH.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Marvel book already paying off

Pipsqueak Stan Lee, when young and just sort of the office boy, would bother all the artists sitting around (such as Jack Kirby) by playing an ocarina.

WELL, don't this beat all

DE: thought Wally was divine on Gossip Girl, possibly.
Deborah Eisenberg, who wrote that Twilight of the Superheroes book that sat and sat and sat and may actually be gone, is the longtime (like, 40 years) partner of Wallace Shawn.  Which means that she is THE "Debbie" he refers to in My Dinner With Andre.

Lucky her!

"Somebody told me I could have this..."

In my head

F & D


Oh, no, ask ME

Expect obscure factoids about inking

Getting ready to read this after putting it off for a year and a half.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In my head

Back to the beginning, maybe?

Had lunch with a friend who had never read This Blog but who seemed possessed of an innate understanding that is was likely one of the greatest accomplishments in human history.  I wonder how far to tell her to read to get a proper flavor of this thing as a whole...six months, perhaps.

On mom's back

If you dare,

a correspondent forwards a link to Neil Peart's blog:

Hot for spring: BRAIDS

Rolling on the floor

Georgians in New York

Street meat!

Chanel espadrille-type things

Oh, Hot Wheels

Which is most depressing?
Failing at tie-ins for a KissSwiffer or SunKISSt oranges,

This would be cool if the car model was the same
as the one Keith drove into the swimming pool
Hey! 2011 Dodge Charger, just like on CSI!
Like we see at Mammaw's (sp?)!

At the bbq

The local barbeque place has "wacky" signage such as this all over the place:

I need to just make random ones such as this and nail them up:

"need to"

Rug hijinx

A friend burst into another (Bengals enthusiast) friend's place and replaced the Persian rug with this here article. OFF-SEASON HILARITY ENSUED!

I shoulda thought of this

Get a middling sorta-hardcore band together, have an attractive female frontperson.  Give them an outlandish "dirty" name.  Sit back and wait for the offer of an Elle pictorial.  Duh!

Never mind

If Walter Monheit was still around:

Oscar: get your ass to Veronica Mars!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Ray Wise, what are you doing?

Like you, I always just assume that Ray Wise is richer than Lebron...I mean, he was Leland Palmer, for god's sake!  And he was in Rising Sun!  But, no, apparently, he must work and work for Chipotle.   Le SIGH!

Embargo lifted!

Sorta Repo Man/Robocop-ish

State of the Nation 3/24/2014

A bee

Jack and me

Here's Judge Jack, who "did" our wedding ceremony.  He seems to live with regret about it...

Feeding a dinosaur

"This reminds me - is Don Was even alive?"

Year 5. Really?

This could be yours!

Cleanup Day is this coming Saturday!

In theory, this is fun

but it's also insane:

Fix 'Em Fest

Amazingly bad photograph...but don't take it out on the cats!
April is Fix 'Em Fest month in the old 45410...we have a special grant to get strays fixed.  I went to the local SICSA branch Friday and got all pertinent deets.  Will make a presentation at the neighborhood board meeting on Tuesday.