Friday, May 30, 2014


IK, R?

Astute commentary:

"Politics?  Try poliDICKS!"

Again, the twins:

Pray for us

Something you should do this weekend:


My nephew Stewart

More watering (it doesn't stop)

Depressing/funny? Which?

I hate that Iggy Azalea crap

but I like this so much, and I SHAN'T APOLOGIZE!:

Starting at 1:20 or so, her vocals sound like outtakes from Heaven or Las Vegas, which is also a plus.

"Where's my hose at?"

Karaoke Choices

That time again, the work karaoke thing in which I have been cajoled into participating.  The karaoke dude has a web site with all his wares.  Hmm:

Will do this actually:

A heart that's full up like a landfill/
a job that slowly kills you...

That should really increase the collective employee spirit!

Choose one:

On their way to open casting of "Lynott: The Musical"

Readers of this blog will know that mine obviously is

Probably clogging your Facebook feed as I post this, BUT:

This caterpillar both creeps me out AND makes me think too much.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weep for humankind

Yet more matching

Ridiculous sogginess ensues

Indy 500, with 7 oz Coke

At the farm

Stances of a Biscuit Tester

The "Double-Check"

"At the Monolith"

The "Medical Examiner"

The "Heroes"

Seen at the worst Kroger on earth

Our closest supermarket was already open when my parents married in 1955, and it recently had some upgrades inside so that it looks like about 1983.  Regardless, saw these oddments therein, and they could have been seen anywhere, not just our crappy grocery:

Have they sold any of these?

Write a hit, sir

It will happen eventually

Eventually, Emma Watson will end up in a Wes Anderson movie and something will happen - perhaps Tumblr will cave in on itself.

Saturday afternoon S.P.U.G.

Outside Ben's Batteries!

For sale!  DO IT!