Friday, November 28, 2014


Holiday of a Bun

Ninja fighting, with chainsaw and weedwacker

"No, seriously, you should put Hot Wheels in
a drinking fountain, for real!"


Worst since 1991 - official!

Yes, I know this was 1983.
I, of course, have no idea what's going on because I am older than dogshit, but I can say, after looking at the NME Top 50 Albums of the Year, that this was the worst year in music since 1991.

Someone sent this,

no doubt to convey the Horrors of the Bass (except Mat Osman, natch).


Gotta watch holiday-themed Gossip Girl episodes on Thanksgiving eve, right?


Thursday, November 27, 2014

This came on my TV, where my wife and children sleep, etc

Useless rant

Netflix: poo
Those articles where one is supposed to be stoked that the new shit Netflix movies are up...fuck those!  I sometimes think I am missing some functionality of Netflix, like there are thousands of movies streaming that I'm not seeing because the Bun has fucked with the remote, but no, internet is all "Hey, Camp Beverly Hills!"  Wake me up when they have Drugstore Cowboy or something.

Home for the holidays!

"Just like Unca Steve's song!"

This pavement saw in front of the house this morning was a big hit!

1.49 a box

The blessing is in the savings!

His mother, yes

Someone I never thought I would see again says that the Ru looks like "Tyler from All-American Rejects."


[edit: hey, I have no idea what the title of this post has to do with anything.  I think I may have been doing a different post then got distracted and this is what resulted.  So.]

New boots


Onion salt, maybe

I certainly never expected for the Bride to diss me on 11/26/14 with a reference to mitochondria...and for having hunched-up shoulders in a "collared shirt," no less.

One never can tell!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014


[about upcoming Fifty Shades movie]: "But, yeah, movies are never as good as the book!"

Pray for/about Terry

Doors of perception or whatever

Some toys

Was there a "Red Batman" ca. 2000?  I barely know
about the Red Hulk, maaaan.

Shoulda got these

"all purpose"
"They" are calling for 50 m.p.h. winds tomorrow (or today, as you read this), shoulda got these at the shitmart where I was buying soda.  Now we're probably DOOMED.

My parents never knew this was in our house

The house I share with my wife and child and child-to-be, I mean.
I mean, I could have, in theory, gone to their nursing unit(s) and said
"Look at this fucked-up book of lyrics by the guy from Spandau Ballet!"
but would have been the point?


The Fanta at the Mexican place we frequent has been out of commission for weeks.  For WEEKS. Wonderfully, delightfully, Five Guys came through on Saturday.

Faux pouts/happy time times

Pig art I saw somewhere (?)

Highly recommended on the Netflix:

We Are the Best!

I say this all the time, FYI

"What we need is a little solidarity!"

An encounter with the young

Wherever it may be that I have a new job, at said place we have four interns from a local university.  The topic of that crazy girl who wants to marry Charles Manson came up and it became apparent to old people that the young people didn't know who Charles Manson even was.  I suppose people my age wouldn't know who kidnapped the Lindbergh baby ("the what?"), but still.  I had to explain about Gary Hinman's car and shit, then a couple of days later to some guy who liked "folk" about why what he liked was poo and about the Clientele.  Is my work ever done?

Friday, November 21, 2014


Actual quote:

[while swinging ice scraper at ice] "No, I stay
out here, you go make coffee."

"Abandon Ship"

Best to Jack

Our friend Jack is heading back to Williamsport, PA.

Goodwill 5

Goodwill 4

Goodwill 3

There's always tomorrow!

Goodwill 2

Shoulda been huge!

Goodwill while waiting to go to 6 PM farewell party 1


Seen at waffle shop bazaar

Such profound advice!


I had a sausage link and a waffle with blueberry syrup.  It was all very winter '76 in the best possible way.


Sour face

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I mean, seriously:

Snow lover

This maniac likes it.

For you, because I love you

Remember how I failed to get the semi-annual "ladybug" photo from the fall alley sweep?
The mysterious parameters of my job led me to a meeting at the solid waste place,
so I managed to snap this.  Again, because you are my favorite.

Snow 4

Oh, the drear.

Snow 3

This goofball...well, Sunday night I saw her in the yard and said
"Picci!  Come in, it's going to snow!" to a dumb, vacant look.  So she was out all night
in the snow and wet.  When I opened the door in the morning she was still just looking at me.
Again, dumb.

Snow 2

Obligatory street shot

Snow 1

Snow on the pork store!  Ridonk.

Monday, November 17, 2014

You WILL be fascinated

Trying to decide on which cork to use for the kitchen floor, plus the Bride
will be thrilled that I took this picture on a filthy piece of grout.  Cheers!