Thursday, October 31, 2013



10:30 pm: "Dance, dance, dance!  BUNINARO!," etc.

8:13 am: " head...make it go away!"

Roses in the trash

Just like the song (?)!

Horrible thing you can buy 2

I'm going to guess that The Pioneer Woman is a thing,
one that I'm too jaded and pricky to know about, thank Christ.
Plus: Vince Flynn!

Horrible thing you can buy 1

This is at Kettering Hospital, and is, of course, fucking awful:

I guess it goes on a wall?  

Don leaves hospital! Returns to confines of nursing home!

AND manages to look like a baby owl
in the bargain!

Don's Trip to the Hospital 2

Ah, and here we are in the ER for 4.5 hours, which wasn't all that bad.  Even as we sat, the droop in the mouth and slurring faded and by the time we were plopped in a neurological unit room, he was pretty much back to normal, or what passes for it.  Swallowing is a bit screwy, but pureed foods were tried and deemed fine, as opposed to, y'know, feeding tube and hospice.

Still: this patented Nick Eddy 1970's Cleveland Newspaper Photo style conveys the uncertainty at the time.

Don's Trip to the Hospital 1

Titicut Follies-tastic!
Okay, this was Monday, when we had a slurred speech/droopy mouth/left-side weakness scenario.  Stroke stuff, basically.  Off to the ER we went!

Nick Eddy: unchanging as canal water

This edition, no less.
It's refreshing to know that when, every eight years or so, I pick up my copy of Cat's Cradle, I always start enthusiastically then grind to a halt and stop caring at the same spot.  And it's what?, 192 pages?  Oh, well.  What do I know?  My fave Vonnegut book has always been Slapstick.

This has been in my head ALL DAY,

despite my being on a Suede kick.  So you must hear it as well:

Plus it comes up as not found in Blogger, so, yes, a hell of a post!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quote from a book I'm pitching:

"If you hear someone say: 'X...has killed himself smoking opium,' you should know that it is impossible, and that this death conceals something else." - Jean Cocteau, Opium, The Diary of His Cure, 1930

Scan from a book I'm pitching 2

From de Gaulle, (copyright page torn out)

Scan from a book I'm pitching 1

From The Russian Experiment in Art, 1962.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What does one watch on Hulu the night one's father is the hospital with a stroke?

Scarlett, natch!


Did not know this existed

But don't watch it - you won't CARE [storms off]!!

Panoramic dump view

Maybe I should work for the county.  I love the dump.  Odd, yes.

South by Thunderbird

"The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks," etc
Saw this stoner ring in the trash at the dump.  Thought of keeping it and putting it on for a joke, but was fearful it would transform me into some late 70's Marvel Comics native American superhero.  Red Wolf, maybe.


That eighth star is quality.
Also found a bottle of this, er, hooch during last spring's cleanup.  Must be popular among our neighborhood's street drinkers!

Dump letters

Yard crutch

We had an alley sweep the other weekend and our fair city was to come around and pick the piled items up.  That was the plan.  So I went around and picked up the stuff that was randomly left behind.  Hey: art!

Gnome, holding hands with

Chicken checking

Mother and son at fall festival thingy

A gnome!

Excuse sporadic posting

90-year-old Dad in the hospital.  Stay tuned!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Thanks, Lou

Your passing when you did just missed becoming a salient "point" in Arcade Fire reviews.  Whew!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Tell me it's over

The whole giving college grads copies of Oh, The Places You'll Go thing?  SAY IT'S OVER.


Truck for sale

This 1700's-era truck if for sale on our street.  Sort of want?

Hey! Donald Ray Pollack!

Flipping through our local 4 channels of PBS, there was old DRP (see above) on some "talking with writers" show.  He wrote the excellent Knockemstiff, you know.  I've spoken to him on the phone even.  Dug the fresh from three-pack white tee shirt and general humble demeanor, though he's a genius.

"This is 'Candy Corn Vampires,' 1, 2..."


Although a source tells me that this beverage was a favorite of one of the guys from Agnostic Front, I found it nasty.  Overpowering clove-y aftertaste.  Icky, in general.

A small man, likely thinking it was coffee, found it fine.

OH!  Someone in Toronto also told us Chi Pig is homeless.  Sigh.

One stood out

Was just on hold,

was confronted with BLUES.


Bonus to getting old as all hell

Don't have to listen to nor form an opinion on Atoms for Peace.  Blessed!

Puffy bus

How about this lame photo?
This 2-and-up remote control school bus is amazing.  Goes forward and left only, so if it gets stuck yr tot can just left turn out of it.  Made of puffy rubber stuff so it can be stepped on or driven off the dining room table to great hilarity.  Here endeth the Amazon review.

A note on the Vikings

"I'm a fan as long as the kona holds out..."
I went around all weekend saying "The Giants are gonna get that win Monday," as a dig on the Vikings, hoping I was wrong, but knowing I would not be.  Who else would the Giants beat?  And this "three quarterback/none really any good" period that we're in doesn't faze me, because I was taught that to be a Vikings fan was to be made to face inexplicable disasters with aplomb.  It can always get worse.

I'm also not being negative when I say that I fully believe the Vikings will win another game someday.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sign o' the times



Indie remains immune to the "charm."


In advance of birthday observation!


Message to the doubters:

"U stands for you. D stands for don't f with!"

New Pumas

"Santa bring me a suede brush for Christmas!"

Bun shot: bedside!

West IS best!



Checking out new digs!


Watched a lot of some PBS documentary on superhero comics last week and had my mind blown by Jim Steranko, who, in the show, was wearing a camel colored turtle neck and Members Only-looking jacket and generally seeming like a white haired Farley Granger.  Plus before he drew comics he was an escape artist.  Huh?

Monday, October 21, 2013