Friday, December 28, 2012


Weekend runner up


"See, my guns are worth more to me than any gift cards..."

186whatever posts

That's a lot of posts!

Help me

"Thank-you!"?  Seriously, everyone just chip in and make it so I need
never work again.  You know I deserve it!

The Kimono Phase

Bessie, Jr
I warned some friends who wish to pop over tonight that they need to know "we're in a kimono phase..."

1. Friends went to Chicago.  They were duly instructed to go to Ragstock and buy a kimono.  "DO IT!" was the stern, all-caps enjoinder.

2. These friends went a little apeshit and brought home FOUR kimonos.  They were cheap and had that nice Japanese warehouse smell.

3.  Your editor, being a pretentious dick, then assembled a Bessie Glass Kit to go along with the one that was closest to a "hoary midnight blue": some matches, some (L&M 100 Menthol) cigarettes, some nails and other fasteners, a small hammer and screw drivers, Ed's pocket knife, a casting off some sort of anvil know, because I am a PRETENTIOUS DICK (see above).

4.  All this was received with good humor and excitement.  Also, as posted earlier, Nithin brought a huge shawl from India over (see earlier post), so basically the Bride has been ambling about like a displaced mother from a 1982 National Geographic pictorial.  Pulitzer awaits!

Go, Adrian!

Spare a thought for Adrian Peterson as the surprisingly good Vikings take on the Packers Sunday.  DO IT!

Random photo from pre-blog era!

It was not Gabe

I watched the conclusion of Gossip Girl last night and it was pretty weak.  That said, I had been convinced that GG would turn out to be our own Gabe Gardner, hence the double G's.  Nay.  That said, Gabe is going to one up all of us by going to Spain later today (true!) and he claims that, instead of seeing the sights and all, he will lay abed in their hotel room and watch all the Gossip Girl's they have not seen.  If only!

Captain's Magic!

Brooke and Ian brought over these puffs as you may have noticed earlier...but did you know, smart arse, that, earlier in the week, Brooke woke up looking for these and asked Ian if he had seen the "Captain's Magic"?  I thought not!

["yeah, I got your Captain's Magic -- right here...", etc]

First "Clueless"

"Sigh...I, too, am a virgin who can't drive..."

Snow Day!

Christmas Night 2 (artfully edited Bride shots)

The third or fourth person in the universe to have to the acclaimed
"Get Your Radio Head Out of Your Radio Ass" shirt
Babies can have coffee?  Sure!

Lots o' adulty conversation

Kids!  Andy appears to be eating a pig-in-blanket...but we served none?

Nice jaw, fat old man

King Baby Nuxhall: The Man, the Mug

Christmas Night 1 (my crappish camera)

Andy and gang

Gonna do a Prince cover but change title slightly
to "Another Kimono Christmas"

Wait!  Kimonos - and an exotic scarf courtesy
of Nithin's mom!

Puff corn captured for eternity

Peanut and Rafe: mutual indifference is key

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rock present 2

Not mine, but a friend got this: a modified stapler sort of doodad that cuts picks out of old Starbucks/credit cards, etc...


Rock present 1

Fake Bowie songs in 4, 3, 2...


"Screw a camera up nigh irrevocably?  ON IT!"

That official Christmas portrait the world was awaiting

Yep, Mass

Thought we should expose the wee one to some trad Christmasness, so attended mass.  They made me stand outside, as a Protestant!  No.

Date night!


It came with Nintendoland, but I don't really feel like playing Nintendoland...

Common People

My Old Man's A Dustman, etc

Taking out the trash

"Huh...what's this?"

"Enough clutter around here!  Out it goes!"

Dill pickles, conquered

A few months ago, the tartness of some berries suspended in yogurt elicited an epic grimace, but now a piece of dill pickle gets NO REACTION.  Brave!

Settle Down

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012


(will possibly post crap during long weekend)


One thing that's unexpected about having a different job is that I must be using desiccated portions of my brain, because I have been having the most far-out dreams every night.  For instance, last night I "found out" (via dream logic/reality) that every ingredient list on every box of food has a unique message right under it!  In my dream, there was a box of Girl Scout thin mints and, right there, under the white-on-green listed ingredients was a little message that read:

Go outside and tell someone no

The person I was talking to in my dream about it was all incredulous, like "how could you not know that?"


Wait, I don't actually hate my new position anymore.

Obligatory Mayan apocalypse post

Everyone's doing it and so, alas, must I.

Stopped to get gas yesterday in a howling rainstorm, then the sky duly opened up and shafts of light came coursing out of the crack in the clouds, blah blah blah:

Almost art, this
Some Carhartt (sp?) coat dude with cord/shell choker his girlfriend got at Myrtle Beach or South Padre was coming in to pay as I was coming out and I said "Wild, right?"

Said he: "Yeah, man, it's that Mayan apocalypse!"

Then looking the other way, there was a huge rainbow:

"Wow, crazy!  Rainbow!"

Carhartt Guy: "Let's go look for that pot of gold!"

And that, friends, is the Mayan Apocalypse Story!

Okay, I will never understand "lossless" or "flac"

Fuck all that, just someone get me the MP3's to this: ... ctory.html

38 megs?  Argh, and I don't even know what bullshit  one is supposed to play this on!

Scarcely noticed

Damn, Gossip Girl concluded and I haven't even bothered to see what happened.  What's happened to me?


The next Van Clyburn, apparently

Busting in on a random choir practice..."Here's
an Erik Satie piece I think you'll all find hep!"