Friday, August 31, 2012


Couldn't find weekend image I had thought to use all week, almost went with this

The dreaded 'jazz phase'

Sitting here [yesterday] listening to Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers and pretending ithat the weather will be cool enough to wear a sweater by Christmas, I worry that I may be on the edge of a "jazz phase."  A lot of people have them, playing jazz records with their weekend steaks.  It's nothing to be that ashamed of; in fact, there are many worse crimes.  Still, I just hope that I'm enjoying this album [Live at the Cafe Bohemia, Part 1, 1955] in some fluke-y way and I won't care about jazz in an hour [I didn't, in fact.  Next listened to that Cribs best-of I made and never thought about jazz - the music, the style or the lifestyle - ever again].

Still true, Steve

Should quit my job, I guess

I mean, I already have a
tennis/cricket sweater, for god's sake.
Saw some woman in some magazine, I think it was Vogue, who was written up as being a "music stylist" or some such.  That is, she is paid to pick the music for fashion events: shows, soirees, what have you.  There was a sample listing of types of clothes and what she'd pick for them, eg

Old money: Canon in D

or whatever.  I can't remember the others, and the magazine is at home.  But you know: "More Than This," Chemical Brothers, that sort of thing. "Crazy in Love."

Of course, she was gorgeous.  Who wouldn't want a glamorous woman to show up with her iPod/Pad and upload her hyper-"curated" (ugh) setlist to your gizmo and everyone nods sagely as "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" lilts out?

Point being: Chooch and I need to quit our jobs and do this.  Fly places, deliver "She's Losing It" by Belle and Sebastian to Chanel staffers like we wrote it, have lunch, get paid, fly home.  WE HAVE DONE OUR HOMEWORK.

I single-handedly caused the "Elonore" revival the other week, did I not?

Please rain

Not for the crops, but I'd love a good five inch hurricane rain all holiday weekend.  When you read this, I will have already topped off a garden bed at S.P.U.G. and also will have pulled all bolted lettuce in the back yard this morning.  So now I can read, listen to new PSB and then play guitar all afternoon.  Then wait for rain.

Hello, people of the future!

Biggest month ever!

Most posts ever in a month, yet traffic is same as ever/flat.   Yay!

Thanks for not following!

[storming off, hot tears, etc]

Thursday, August 30, 2012

You win, Harry

Had never listened to this until right now, but it rules.  Sigh.


I have to wonder, even with having Blue Ivy and more money than God and all that, does Beyonce ever get jealous of Solange?  I mean, Solange works hard, I'm sure, at her various stuff, but is just the right level of famous, and probably gets tons of free crap from everybody (mostly Yeasayer tee shirts, probably, but still).  Does B ever think, "Harumph! She's got it so easy!"?

Also asked my brother, while waxing mnemonic,

Sorry, Chris Glass, MS Paint
didn't have a feature to turn
this guy orange.
if he remembered the sensation (a nice plasticky, surprisingly high-"pitched" click) of exactly how the first TV I grew up with felt when one changed the channel.  Nice sentence, me.

Anyway, he did not.  I suppose he'd remember HIS first tv better.

We did discuss the effed-up color adjustment levers with which one could turn Kermit ORANGE.

THIS kind of crap

My next door neighbor had this!:

How the smart set are spying this season.

This thing was 17 bucks in 1972.  That's $3,150 today!

I think I dreamt about this set of maps last night.

Something nice my dad did

Face looks like DeForest
Kelly with a beard, yes
Also, all these other kids had tons of GI Joe crap, I mean the advanced stuff.  I had none, at age 4.5, would use someone else's guy who was missing a hand or pants [...] when playing.  Then one day, some asshole told me off for not having my own GI Joe!  I went home and wept into my copy of Pale Fire.  Then dad, on a just a random, say, Thursday, brought home my own GI Joe from the toy store (Throckmorton's!).  Thanks, pops!

Don, if you're reading this and payback is needed, remember I pulled your pants up Monday.

"You did what?"

Bells of Altar

I had to call my brother (he's, what?, 12 years older than me) and ask him about this, but the local Catholic church/high school where we grew up, it was about .75 miles away, or maybe a mile.  But every day at select times, a tape recording of bells would go off and waft through the neighborhood entier.  I remember this, and I'm sure it went on at least until I was in high school.  Brother says that it was a recording of bells from the Vatican, and that they had huge speakers to blast this out.  Thing is, I can't remember (thank you, demon alcohol) ever being close to the bell site as this tape rolled; I just want to know how insanely loud it must have been across the street, say.

My whole neighborhood was mostly Catholics and I can truthfully say that I often felt left out, what with the shiny-seeming papist kids going to CCD and whatnot.  Also, I remember being bodily tossed in a wet patch of yard (collected rainwater) by JohnPaul M_______ (identical twins, both referred to by the other kids as a unit) and the B_______s.

That atmosphere of benign neglect which pervades

(no, just sacked out)

Mashed potato throwdown

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nice Lester Bangs appreciation in New Yorker, of all places

Think before you vote

Some children of divorce, yesterday
I avoid politics here, because I don't want to risk alienating my readership.  I will say this, though: when you go to the polls in November, remember just who was in charge when the local mook-metal/buttrock station's "X Fest" was cancelled.

Featured bands were to be:

Seether, Sick Puppies, 10 Years, Dropkick Murphys, Filter, Pop Evil, Falling in Reverse, Kyng, Young Guns and Dangerkids

There was also to be a mechanical bull and 50-yard zipline!

Slow sales was given as the reason for the calling off of the event.

I mean, it would be because of the economy, then, but it's such great news that this shitshow of yuk is not happening that you have to at least consider riding out the status quo?

Fruit Owl

Blues help, please

Me, last week, next week and
always (probs)
The blues is shit, of course (we've covered this?).  I was at rock the other week, turned my head for a mere second and the other doodz had fallen into some horrible wankery of 1-4-5 crud and an idea struck me - instead of just stopping obese children on the street all the time to tell them how shit the blues is/are, why don't I make a shitty blues e.p.?  I know no scales, anything I ever do that comes close to a lead (not much!) had to be done phonetically.  So I should get some guys to record four or five "nice" blues jammz and not even listen to them first, just come in and lay my lacerating bloozadoodle lead work all over them.  Then I can burn copies and the next time some dick says something about "SRV," I can bust one of these out and say proudly "Listen to MY blues record!"

Anyway, I need titles.  "So Long, Baby," that sort of thing.


I myself wouldn't have chosen this (really good) song as a single, but nice cover:

Field and Stream

Hey, everyone!:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

That definition of "pavane" you've been awaiting

Read this:

The movement of the priest, the acolyte, and the communicants are like some vestige of a pavane.

Looked it up, for YOU!:

1. A slow, stately court dance of the 16th and 17th centuries, usually in duple meter.
2. A piece of music for this dance.

An actual email exchange:

BD: I just realized Ive always wanted to be Evan Dando.

NE: Weird, 'cos I always wanted to be:

(Also, Sal still looks pretty good!:

Oh! What I'd want for a nickname were I seller of high-grade herb

"Hey, Billy Budd!  Do you think that you could...sort me out an eighth?"

TB '85


Then it becomes quite difficult to not sing "Pamplemoussey!" all day at the baby to the tune of this:


So, we drink shit-tons of LaCroix sparkling water.  It's fizzy, but sugarless.  My dad said it "tastes like shit."  SHOWS WHAT YOU KNOW, OLD MAN!

Anyway, I was all orange and the Bride was on berry.  Then we went to Savannah and our hosts had the pamplemousse (grapefruit) kind and I was like, well, Duh!, you always liked Squirt, dumbass.

So now it's all pamplemousse.

Unbelievable - YET TRUE

I had never bookmarked/favorited until today.


"Can anyone today make the saxophone not shitty?"

(This has been a Smells Like Sullivan post, wherein thoughts that pop into my head that sound like Andrew Sullivan topics are thus commemorated/enshrined/remembered/recorded/entombed)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Garlic fever

And those maniacs at Seed Savers - look at the exotic wares on offer:

"Georgian Fire," for god's sake! "Samarkand..."

Extending Your Growing Season event at S.P.U.G.

"Hey, pinhead," you tell me, "help Luci put up those signs!"

Lecture is go!


A bed cleared for garlic planting.

Garlic is in!

Carlos V?

Found this weird little candy bar for 39 cents at Walgreen's (key and chain for scale).

[UPDATE: "hecho in Mexico."  Apparently very popular there.  Bienvenidos!]

"[Your?] Worst Enemy"

Obese man and crab leg residue, ca. summer 2012

"Join me!"

Justin Hawkins's hand tattoo

Oh, god - Fran and Don

Meatballs and cottage cheese, yo

Not fair