Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Promo poster

Pose Naturally

It's one (admittedly awful) thing for Sir Paul to be doing all the lame
stuff he does, but does Ringo need to pose for ads that look like they are from 1994?
Is he in debt?  Help him.

Ru in a wig?


Local talentless tagger managed to get into mega-padlocked abandoned storefront
to leave his lame mark.  Well-played, MFS!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Seen @ City Hall

40 boxes of these

Holding her own

Not at all esoteric

IK,R?, etc

Off to day camp!

Kind Auntie Kim took Rafe to day camp all week.  This week, too.

A correspondent forwards:

Recent Five Guys aerial shot

Worst post ever?  Possibly, but there's so, so much competition.

The two

Recent e.p.

Amazing things still happen

At some time in the last 500 years (I think it was Sunday, June 7), I got up to fix a bottle for Bea.  I heard a steady drip! drip! drip! coming from the living room.  A pipe had popped in the ceiling!  We turned off the water and a plumber friend came by the next day and fixed it.

This morning I was texting said plumber and forwarded a picture of John Rutsey, original drummer for Rush (this plumber is a big fan of Canada's foremost power trio). Preparing text via voice, I said "Here's a bonus picture of Rutsey." The voice-reading technology heard and translated this as "Here's a bonus picture of roxy."  Which is insane because "Pyjamara" by Roxy Music was playing in the truck at that very moment.

As we prepare for the imminent revolt of all of our machines, treasure these moments.


Never forget!

Monday, June 22, 2015


Into the trees

(Ru, 2012)

Bee night!

Actually went to this: basically, bees are screwed and the average
person in too dumb/lazy to do proper beekeeping, so the best we can all do is leave
white clover in the yard, plant wildflowers and possibly some milkweed for the monarchs,
who are also screwed.  Cheers!

The Two Beas

Science museum!

"There's milk in the sky?  What?!?"




Found in the alley behind my house

Should have brought to office!

My three kids

Morning of an Iron Man

Yes, poetry is a waste of everything:

time, life, energy...and yet I like this!:

"Twin wha?"

Guy who bought the double across the street cut down a huge black walnut that was in danger of collapsing, then had a guy come from Troy, OH, to cut the wood down so it could season and be sold.  Okay.  I said to the owner guy and his two buddies "Wow,  Twin Peaks credits right in the street in front of my house!" to blank, barely-quizzical non-responses.  I'm old, of course.

Getting in gear

Sorry, last week was the craziest, busiest week yet at my MyStErIoUs JoB.   Here are some images I should post about, or that I have or something.  Throat clearing, basically.

If I WERE a good dad,

surely I would have made a video montage of shots of Baby Bea set to this?  SURELY?

Monday, June 15, 2015


A trip to Tillys

In a quest for birthday socks, we went to Tilly's.  It was, of course, a nightmare.

Summer dress/rash guard that says ASPHALT!  They have them!

I'd not even heard of selfie sticks until I saw an article in the Times where they were
being banned from museums.  Anyway, here they are!

Ah!  I was wondering where people were buying their RVCA shit.

The skateboard you sat down and cried on when you heard your parents were separating - REBORN!

A play on the LA Kings?  And why?
Beer pong swim trunks!


Scoffing aside, shouldn't I show up places in this?

From the Journal of American Funeral Directors, Spring 1989

Not poetry, Bea!