Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Not a "made in" label one sees all that often

More Gimp training

Thinking this can tell each sister's story, with the other's on the opposite page,
upside down.  Two front covers, then.  Maybe Kyle re-enacting the Burt Reynolds Cosmo centerfold
dead center.


Pinned and mounted

On my mind

From a found notepad

Challenging myself

Getting off my ass and learning Gimp singlehandedly - trying to suss it all out sans tutorials, books, etc.  It's going okay.  Then on to Photoshop.  If I can just get 3,500 years by myself and lots of caffeine, I could achieve 1/10th of Chris Glass level of skills.

Don getting ready to ride across Iowa, July 2001

This was a week-long ride across Iowa.  Have to think that he could have channeled
his ceaseless energy into tracking down certain pilots-in-training and decimated them instead,
thus ensuring we would be in a very different world today.  Still, the ride was fun!

Flower box full o' stupid


"Emmy, meet Father Time!" *
* written by Gabe
Oh, man, went to the grocery and there were Tommy and Elizabeth with nearly-six-months Emmy, who had the chubby legs and was just the BEST.

Behind a house

Old skool

"The beach is a place where a man can feel..."

Mods represent!

General tightening up 3

The Green Brain is in place

General tightening up 2

Well done, bun!

General tightening up 1

"Shovel backyard?"

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Still great


"Ghostbusters II is a Romantic Comedy?  Reminds me of when they had Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Horror..."

Small waiter

Then someone got his monkey-shaped notepad and started taking down orders.  "I'll have the bacon milkshake..." e.g. - and off he went over by the Subaru where the imaginary kitchen was to prepare said delicacies.  This went on for an hour.

"Yeah, let me get a fruit cocktail, I ain't too hungry..."

Then a Star Trek earring appeared:


English mastiff, out with some Rock Kids.  We talked rock shop as well.
"Your parents probably remember my bands from the 90's..." No, wait,
they prolly DON'T!  ZANG!

Pork store

Very springy!

Some twins, half-awake

Don's Service 4

Just some of the disparate crowd; Kyle and Shelly provide much needed "street energy."

Don's Service 3

Also: nice East D_____ bangs.

Don's Service 2

Widow Eddy!

Don's Service 1

Along with many watercolors (some of which already hung in the church), the service organizers brought out their collection of "Don-in-Episcopal-Lady-Drag" shots, which accrued over the course of many years of working the rummage sales.

Hmm, not bad

I had low expectations for that Damon Albarn record and it exceeded them - his non-Blur stuff tends to seem so dilettante-ish that I end up wincing.  But this was pretty good and at least one of the songs ("The Selfish Giant") ranks among his best.  Plus the heroin confessional song that's been written up all over mentions Supergrass by name and that deserves commendation.  An excuse to post this!:

Idea for a kids' book:

The Boy Who Had Actually Heard a Janelle Monae Song

Caldecott awaits!

Monday, April 28, 2014

I thought the Bride deserved a Nobel

for a work project she had been working on for a couple of years, but it turns out I was wrong: this guy deserves one, for playing Terry on Reno 911.  Sorry, Bride!

Yet more sprang

Speaking of, "what the f--- was that?"

Good fellas

Pork steaks


Jersey courtesy of the German Temptress

Ice cream helmet




Hello, Casi!

Why is Dad on the electronic message board thing? (Why, indeed?)


Too sleepy for natural history museum

Second wind

Further modes of conveyance conquered


"My Dark Star"

Thursday, April 24, 2014