Thursday, July 31, 2014



Didn't JT Leroy turn out to be Chloe Sevigny or something?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lenny Bruce or a rabbit?

I screamed into the night

Had seen all of Sopranos barring Season 6, Part 1 (where Junior shoots Tony, etc) and was not in any way ready for Robert Iler's hair.  At all.

Job possibilties

Garlic and pepper dude

Asparagus boy
I'm going to be fine!

Pocket sewn on kimono AT LAST

Good for Saul Goodman,

but what the world really needs is a Jack Bass show.  DUH.

I could eat this every day

Italian wedding soup

Even innocent sweet potatoes get smeared with "the blues"

A correspondent forwards an overheard:

Don and me

Old family friend sent this in the mail

In my head when I woke up (sort of)

I actually had "Collideascope," but saw there was a video for this and am in shock:

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


"My brother takes an hour-and-a-half shower..."

Mick and Keith

Ian and Brooke have TWO new cats, adding to their previous two (one of which, you'll remember, was formerly my dad's).  Mick and Keith: not sure which is which in pictures.  In a few weeks when everyone is settled, I will take Margot's yappy ass over there and just chuck her in the front door when no one is watching.

Such a nice logo

The Cedar Rapids Kernels were stomping Our Dragons when we left - but what a mascot!

Dragons 4

"Peanut shells go on the warning track, right?"


Dragons 3

Montgomery County Solid Waste District freebie

"Kill the ump!"

Dragons 2

"Here I solve Hilbert's second's invisible, alas."

Dragons 1

Lovely night for a ball game, etc...

Yard battle of wills 3

A mere half hour later, with two weedwackers going.  Peace in our time returns.

Yard battle of wills 2

Suited up against poison ivy - outfit CDC approved!

No, I did not lose my thumb.

Yard battle of wills 1

Some debate between Kyle and his landlord about who cuts the yard. Things got to this.

Terrifying Reds shirt


This hook was used to catch a 35,000 lb barracuda, probably.

In my head when I woke up


Two people I like have 'fessed up that they have never seen Dog Day Afternoon recently.  I know this is a failure on my part.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Repeating here

Hello, police!




"They" were trying late last week to get me to stay on here, but I have a six-month severance coming and am gaining faith that I will one day be gainfully employed, so I am still leaving.

So if you see me begging/dead you will know what happened.

I saw a man in his fifties wearing this shirt

I bring this up to point out that not everyone's life is as simple as yours.


"My favorite tequila?  Free tequila!"


First red tomato


Ice cream sandwich


Read first sentence:

Bun R meets Ali G?

Ed's giant TV

Swivels, even

Stuff of nightmares

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Whitney Biennial, etc

Tarp With Moron, 2014, cell phone photo.

Louisville 13


Louisville 12

Breakfast at Super Chef in the back of an antique store.  Everyone who has ever
set foot in Louisville now has a restaurant, so space is at a premium.

Shrimp and roasted pepper grits.