Thursday, August 29, 2013

Weekend (tie)

Or maybe I'm saving all my energy

to start a blog just about couples I know who are divorced/divorcing.  Because you know you want it!

That time again

I'm off work every Friday for the rest of the year, and will not be posting on Friday, necessarily.  Unless something drastic happens that needs my immediate attention and due reportage.  But why I'm mentioning this is because I have absolute confidence that you can do this, you can survive without me on Fridays. Depending on my general busyness, I may even try to post whole days' worth of crap for Friday during the week (to appear magically on Friday), just not this week.

Anyway, my point, and it's important: I believe in you.

Harry Styles has really let himself go

You need this tattoo


Well, Breaking Bad remedied itself (in our watching) with the arrival of Saul Goodman.  Amazing.  Plus a spin-off in the works.  Who knows what will happen?  St Paul was called Saul once.

Early a.m. view of the out of control tomatoes

As far as the eye can see.
Was watering and shit is full-on out of hand.

Next year:

1 green zebra
1 purple cherokee
1 full-on red tomato (variety to be decided)

And that's it!  All volunteers will be pulled up [he says now]!

Well...and lettuce, potatoes and garlic, but that stuff doesn't go berserk like these tomatoes did.  Lordy.

Our far-flung correspondents

A scene from Mallard 3: They Mate for Death


Yes, he turned it on and it's running.

Just some of the latest stack of books to leave the overstuffed basement

Not John Guare's fault

Guare ca. '90: dapper
I was getting rid of books (still/again) last night and found a paperback of Six Degrees of Separation that I bought in a five-dollar bag o' books at the local book fair...thought I would read it real quick and it was great.  It's Will Smith's fault that the movie makes me cringe.  And the kid who can't act doing his pink shirt rant.  Anyway, this was great:

Having a rich friend is like drowning and your friend makes life boats. But the friend gets very touchy if you say life boat.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Embarrassing for mankind

Maybe because I am 61 years old,

but we ended up mysteriously having a subscription to Eating Well magazine.  Maybe it was my mother-in-law's doing, or some other do-gooder who is trying to forestall my heart's exploding.  Either way, just flipped through the first issue we received and there is a "tomato-garlic" salad dressing recipe that looks insane:

1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1/4 cup red-wine vinegar
1/4 fresh parsley
1 medium tomato, quartered and seeded
5 anchovy filets (!!!)
2 cloves garlic (but I will use five)
1 tablespoon capers, rinsed 
Blend in a blender or with an immersion blender.


(recipe (C) and (p) them)


Also, very Zelig/Twelve Monkeys, but: how did ChangesTwo-era Bowie
end up at the Stonewall riots (third from left)?
Gotta be some sort of progress in society when "homophones" auto-corrects in my phones as "homophobes."  Or it just speaks to the fact that no one cares about phoentics any more.  And why they should they?


Sent this picture (from the Sartorialist) to Chooch, knowing it would make him insane, and got this response:


I'll spare you a post

I should write a writhing, hissing, scalding post about this weekend's coming Mumfordpalooza taking place about 30 miles from here.  Particularly the lineup.  But the fact is: I just love you too much.

"Huh, this musta fell out of a tree..."

Now that you mention it,

I probably am!  And just forgot.

Wait, wait...

I'm not sure I love Breaking Bad at all.  It's really good, but halfway through season two, I'm not sure. Something's missing, not sure what...need to think and then will gripe soon.


That time again

A new album means it's time to remember that guy from Okkervil River can't sing!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Only I care 2

Only I care

October.  Huh.

The "Under the Cherry Moon" story

Chooch said he was going to listen to Parade, which is a great idea, and I would join him, but I'm sitting here deleting stuff (Palma Violets = meh, eg) and am also weighing my options on whether I need to cut my Ark best-of down, getting rid of the fat and leaving 11 or 12 hits only.  So, as you can see, I'm really busy.

BUT! I just realized that I had never mentioned here the time that Ray, Shappy and I went to see Under the Cherry Moon during the Great 1986 Miamisburg Train Derailment.  A train carrying white phosphorus derailed, fell into water and there was a chemical reaction!  Schools closed!  Or maybe they hadn't started yet.  Regardless, the citizenry were all told to stay indoors.  But we bravely piled in to Ray's 1962  Beetle. Ray even wore a gas mask, so we could attract weird looks from other intrepid travelers.

We watched the movie (theatre was empty but for three middle-aged ladies), then went home.

That's the Under the Cherry Moon story.  It's practically a sequel.


New drapes or whatever they're called

Bride is happy with her purchase.  For winter, we will likely need something heavier, maybe a deep purple, scented with myrrh, etc.

A correspondent writes to claim

that he has done away with a truck's worth of rock equipment to bring these back from California. #grateful

Argh, dammit

I don't have a turntable (though recently, I did add a 7th piece of vinyl to my "collection"), but my "buy" finger got itchy when I saw this.  Vinyl Sci-Fi Lullabies would be sick.  But even I don't care.  So: a quandary.

Semi-obligatory Miley post

Maybe all the "tongue out" in every available
VMA photo is a tribute to Bub?
I can forgive her for looking like she's in Aqua, maybe.  And the ick, in general.  I can even accept the cliched necessary "outrage" among Concerned Moms and other people who are too dumb to see how manufactured their indignation is.

I cannot and will not sit still for her assisting in the furtherance of "Blurred Lines," though.


"Could you ever fall for me/the way I fell for you?"

Monday, August 26, 2013


Turning off Breaking Bad last night before bed, there was a Vikings pre-season game, and right then Joe Webb caught a touchdown.  Which is as it should be.

Cece, toting two

Dragging Asher and Jack through Poland, no less!


Oh, dear. Old Rudy passed away.  Thirteen, which is a good run.

Think of Cheryl and gang.

Whitney Biennial Here I Come, Part 2a

C & C Wrestling Factory, 2013, cell phone photo.

NYT Fashion Magazine/NFL preseason

"Are you getting this?"

Pool party 6

Video games with the boys.

Pool party 5

"Sorry, mermaid, gotta put this cup on
your head..."

Pool party 4

"Yeah, pool's great, sure, whatever...I prefer to repeatedly pour
cups of pool water into the drink holders on this raft endlessly, endlessly..."

Pool party 3

Pool party 2

Nice cynical expression.
Coffee at poolside.

Pool party 1

Buck says: "My head is bigger than a nearly
two year old."

Up there at Wagner Ford Rd

Post-bath elation

"Glad that bullshit's over!"

Pre-bath trepidation

The Bun One: It's catching on!


"I'm Christian in the same way that people have issues with certain elements of Christianity.  It's like if you go into a Ralph Lauren store, maybe the buyer didn't do the exact buy that you want, but you still really like that brand."


Yay! = excitedly cheering something on

Yeah = an affirmative

Yea doesn't really mean anything.


Friday, August 23, 2013