Monday, January 31, 2011

D_____ Does D_____, part 5

This thing looks like this thing:

D_____ Does D_____, part 4

The happy revelers! Mike Smith especially vibed about dearth of "Altamont moment!"
How many people whose homes I've passed out in can YOU identify?

D_____ Does D_____ part 3

Sonny and Cher for the post-MySpace age?

Big ups to whomever it was that took this real photo fished from the internet murk!

D_____ Does D_____ Part 2

As close to a Pollardian high kick as I could get, in my dotage...

Not since Cy Curnin from the Fixx was onstage with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers has there been such a stylistic collision of a chocolate and peanut butter variety! Stunned onlookers drew in breaths sharply as, etc.

D_____ Does D_____ 1

Tyler listens to Jeremy's plans to rebuild the Death Star in time for 2012 (or something/probably)! This was before some unwitnessed trauma caused Jeremy to start bleeding up out his eye. Really!

IS it still possible to shoplift Cure cassingles?


Was at a new local coffee shop and liked this sort-of 3D sculpture:

Thought it was just swell right up the point I read the title card that said: "Rasta Tunnel." Lame sauce!

Speaking, my parents did this painting in about 1962 and it hung at Aunt Nola's until she moved to Columbus in 2009. Oddly misshapen Amish kids! Shout it! Don did the whole thing, then Fran did the faces. The Bride was suitably mortified when it found its way home with me and tried to bury it under the limestone basement floor; however, Gabe and li'l Cait took pity and stuck it up in their swank digs, where it takes on a creepy John Waters-ish aspect. Dig!

Travellers' tales

Friday, January 28, 2011


Suck it, Cy

Here's that painting my dad did of Po's cat that has been sweeping the internet:

Some tumblrs with which i could make my millions

1. "Cy Twombly is Obviously Smarter Than My Dad"

2. "Sweating Food"

3. "The Droid Design Problem You Weren't Looking For" [this one would be just my Martin Luther-like screed about how the period character on my messaging keyboard is next to and twice as narrow as the "smiley" emoticon, so I often end up accidentally sending a smiley to someone when, in reality, I would never, ever, ever do this! Can't you tell I'm upset?]

4. No name yet, but a tumblr about how you can sometimes smell other peoples' cigarettes from their cars, even with the window up

Look over here! It's me on this giant stack of MONEY!

Two music things:

1.) Bad Brains record from 2007 (Build a Nation) is actually quite tough.

2.) Why must almost all rock people of a certain age make their inevitable "rootsy" record with The Dirty Dozen Brass Band or Bill Monroe's niece or whatever? I don't care about Dr. John.

Why don't any of you understand this?

Another traveler sends:

Not even on sale ironically, I don't think!

The J Geils Story

I may have mentioned him before but one of my coworkers is a guy who says things like "If you ain't sweatin', you ain't workin'!" and for whom the mere sight of me, in my sweaters and with my conspicuous bookishness, must raise hackles.

Yesterday, Ol' Dude sidles into my cube and thrusts a J Geils Live! cd in my bewildered mug.

"You want a copy of this? [Redacted] is burning copies."

Me, thoughtfully: "Um, no, I don't think so. No. Thanks, though."

Through a cynical squint: "It's only the best live album of the seventies!"

Then he sauntered off, harumphingly.

I should have shouted after him "DO YOU WANT THESE SMITHS DEMOS? VERY RARE! PROBABLY TURNED LOOSE BY MIKE JOYCE!?" but it was too late.

That shit lights up!

Hey! Here is Kyle and Josie's seed starting Wallrack of Bountiful Goodness (tm)! It's READY!

You there!

I bring wry chuckles to your face, right? Well, follow then. It would do me well. (?)


Daisy's DNA test came back and the Bride was closest in the pool! There was some boxer, retriever, etc...have not heard the official results, actually, except CONTROVERSY: Daisy's vet insisted "this is a pit bull mix" but tests show NO PIT BULL. Which is great, if true, because even the calmest, sweetest, lickingest pit puppies eventually crave blood and go around ripping the faces off orphans. We will have to see!

A reminder of this beautiful kid, as taken by the mighty Chris Glass. You can tell someone real took it because it's in focus, framed properly, is exhibiting technique, etc:

Next project:

You remember Dunt/Gassett Band from last week? Maybe? I'm too lazy to look when it was, so certainly you must be, too.

Anyway, when this current LP project I'm working on is done (and it's getting there, music for seven of eleven tracks written!), my next thing is a Dukes of Stratosphear-alike project of songs that would be done by a band consisting of a stuffed dog and a picture of a drummer smiling radiantly:

The Resting Ed

That's the name of a pub I would open. This is the olde pub sign, of a type that is rapidly disappearing from the UK countryside:

Join us!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So, that's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" nailed down then

Just a reminder: D____ Does D____ Weekend at Canal St this Friday and Saturday. I will be up there with C Wright's Parlor Tricks, Kelley here will be doing a couple with the Motel Beds, etc. That is all on Friday.
There will also be a prize given for worst rendition of "Goldheart Mountain Queen Directory." Probably. But how will "they" choose from the surfeit of candidates?

They call me Big City

Goofy parallels between me and Kyle

1. We both lived through everything

2. Both married to much younger women, of whom we are unworthy, natch (just ask them).

3. Kyle is like a white Prince Paul, while I am like a white Morrissey

4. We are both drawn into our wives' gardening schemes but only Kyle had the skills and the nutz to build this fab rack for all of Josie's starts! It will hold 600 l'il paper cups o' seeds 'n' soil!

5. Eerie:

Ne'er forget the Giant's three admonitions to Cooper

1. There is a man in a smiling bag

2. The owls are not what they seem

3. Without chemicals, he points

Yes, the Volvo is gone

Note how poignantly the alley behind our hovel cooperated to look as wintry and "Goodbye, Volvo!" as possible:

Hats, tarps, hearts

We all know how much I love to buy tarps to cover stuff up. Really, what says one is grown up now with more fervor than buying a tarp?

Well, second to that, I like buying hats. Last week it was going to be 3 degrees in the morning and I could not find any of the two-dollar "Jack Nicholson" black skull cap hats that we accumulate. I was apprised later that they were in that bag hanging on the hook in the front closet, which I guess I was to have surmised [ahem]. Anyway, I stopped at Target and got this for five bucks:

It's pretty good, although a little "Mom's yard sale" in person. Either way, I'm grown up. If I can't find a hat, I just go buy one. Moreover, since I am nearing retirement age, I'm not accountable. No wailing harpy of a parent says "Where's your HAT?"

Then, when cleaning out the Volvo, I also found this creepy-ass artifact of the 70's:

This thing has been worn at some time by all three of les freres Eddy. I'm sure it was hep in 1971, but now it looks like something from Alan Moore's nightmares. Still figuring out what to do with this. Frame it, maybe.