Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"It's all too much!"

A stack of waffles grabbing stuff with his foot

Make your own gasoline

That quandary that plagues the big-brained eight year old: can you make some corrosive stuff that is SO corrosive it will eat through any container?

Well, li'l thinker, we have gotten close here in D_____, the birthplace of aviation, etc!

Simply chop up those last habaneros of the season and plop them in a jar of cocktail onions or other pickled stuff.

This stuff is mere nanoseconds from instability/critical mass and then burrowing through the bottom of the fridge, into the earth and on to Asia!

Getting pretty far afield

And I wonder if anyone out there in the world is such a huge Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome fan that he/she has gotten a "PIG KILLER" tattoo?

Yes, this is what I am sitting here wondering about.

But, with nine billion souls a-walking around, surely someone must have?

Speaking of books,

when is a good time to tell a 6.5 week old that "gaming" is fucking stupid?

Duck yes!

This arrived for Rafe Christmas, thank yahweh!

Pick one:


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Arcimboldo wept

Story of the year, at least with a guy named Eulis

Angela "Blackberry" B'mac and her super powers

"Hmm, you are annoying me, albeit vaguely."

"I will drive you away and/or grind you to ash with MY LASER PEEPERS!"

How does one end up the Red Zone Channel dude?

The Men's Warehouse three-button suits, the generally looking like the guy that sees the monster behind Winkie's in Mulholland Drive who goes on to be the surly comedian guy on Mad did this guy end up here?

My first instinct says "Contest!" but maybe it was like working at UPS, where he was a cable installer and worked his way up to management and then he got a call telling him he had to be Red Zone Channel Dude.

Also, going to Lions/Vikings in Detroit next week! No, really.

So, if we did not have the baby,

I could do stuff like: write a musical ABOUT the people to whom Bowie just refused permission to use songs from Heroes for a musical. At. No, no, syntax problems. Trying again. Someone wanted to make a musical using the songs from Heroes (that second act of instrumentals like "Neukoln" woulda been a barnburner!). Bowie said no! Now, Bowie, as you know, was refused permission by Orwell's widow to make a stage doodad of 1984 and so took the intended songs from that to make Diamond Dogs.

So, what I need to do is write a musical about the people who wanted to make the Heroes musical. Songs can include: "I Got Your Cassette from the Library," "RCA Days," "What Was With (Those Tommy Hilfiger Ads)?" and, for when, at close of Act II, Orwell appears like the Angel from Angels in America above DB's bed, "David? S'me, Eric."

As I say, this has to get done, but I've got this baby.

And don't you dare say it's laziness on my part! Just look at that post-count!

My own son, ready to disrespect me

Dad, warbling: "...take this cup awaaaay from me, for I don't want to...taste its poison..."

[thinks]: "PFFT! Campfire chords!"

Pork store

Standoff with the Stolid Lodger

"What's up here?"

"Who the living shit is that???"

"...? As an endocrinologist, I would need to check if his good-natured phlegmaticism is glandular!"

"But I don't want to be Mr. Orange!"

Did NOT expect to wake up to this!

Monday, November 28, 2011

"Um, am I getting PAID for all this?"

The Stolid Lodger

We have my dad's cat living in the basement! He weighs a lot! I don't have the right camera with me, so more on this excitement tomorrow!

"Or say it stank, or something"

That Taqueria Mixteca-sponsored Little League team you've been waiting for!


Burberry snowsuit!

"baby fresh"

I would guess that you didn't know that second-most popular scent for baby wipes is COAL SMOKE!

"Oh, god! A giant pig is gonna EAT ME!"

"What? Perspective? [laughs sheepishly...] Well, I didn't know about that! I'm six weeks old!"

I found this by opening a book AT RANDOM

Black Friday with the kids who heard the hawk hit their house

[exchange student Sunao {sp?} says: "This is my baby..." Actually, it's Dr Smallski's old brother Jack, who is also a real estate agent. Just DON'T get Jack started about his brother in Lansing!]


Settle down there, Liza!

Little Georgians dig him!

A good loaf

(we also learned this weekend that this kid is both a torta [or Mexican sandwich] and a stack of WAFFLES!)

Chunk Bass

The Thanksgiving Hawk

Yes, it sounds like a Glenn Beck or Grisham "novel," but, on Thanksgiving Day, our friends were full-on besieged by a freaking hawk!

Kids were even roused from the basement Parks and Recreation marathon to surface and say "Did you hear that?"

Apparently this guy was diving for something and slammed into the kitchen window!

He wandered around, dazed, then sat on a bit of fencing for a bit and then moved on!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Enough already

Ai Weiwei!

Ah - Sprouts

Hitting the spot!


I'm trying to think here...the bride and I have seen in the theatre (since we hooked up) in toto:

The Aristocrats



Savage Grace



The Hangover II
[this was the nadir of filmgoing, ever - but this was at a drive-in and fun because it was part of a day-long birthday celebration]

That's five years, seven is it perverse that I would want to go see Melancholia?

Although, if you told me (this minute) that "Hey! Melancholia's playing at the Neon..." I would shy away and not answer the phone.

Neck Show (tm)

Hey! I'm obviously obsessed with all the people with the neck tattoos, right?

So, why not a television reality program that follows people on the day they get their neck tats?

Like, all the stuff that leads up to their going to the shop or the back yard where they get their necks tattooed, then the going home after and the reactions, which I imagine will range from "Now, why'd ya go and do that, Carly?" to "That looks niiiice..." to "I'ma get one tomorrow" to, on the bleary morning after, "What has I did?"

And then there's just the human interest/anthro- aspect of: what makes your local 52-year old neighbor get a tattoo on his neck in the first place and what goes through his/her/its mind?

Hurry up, National Geographic Channel!


I just picked up a phone call on our shared 1-800 line here at work, and it started out with what sounded exactly like the sinister blat of UVB-76! Or so I thought. After two beeps, there were suddenly some gull sounds came up in the mix and then a car salesman-y voice saying that "The captain's pulling the ship out of the dock and blah blah blah" and it turned out to be a cruise offer.

SO, to encapsulate: the UVB-76 buzzer was not actually calling me - it was a ship's horn in a telephone solicitation.


Okay, back to the baby

We were killing time before going to dinner at friends' on Saturday and Pearl Harbor was on, and, like good Anthony Lane fans, we had to sit there transfixed at the shitness.

But Ben Affleck's character is called Rafe!


Breaking: not about the baby!

Hey! Shelagh Delaney (pictured) dead at 71!