Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nigh 150 posts for the month, you poor bastards

All posts here, in printed form,
would equal this stack of books x
a BILLION!  (estimate)
Last year in January, "we" had 118 posts.  This year we're pushing 150 for the month and the day isn't done.  This doesn't bode well for all the people out there who are hoping I will just shut the hell up.


Good grief, was wondering about wintergreen (the flavor) and, whoa!, an ounce of wintergreen oil (macerated in warm water from the leaves of gaultheria procumbens*) has the same toxicity as 177 aspirin!

* starting for the Falcons next season as well, probably.


"Because I'm blends right in?..."

Guile, ruined

I was going to write a post about how I need to gently use more guile in my life, but then I found out that "Guile" is the name of some video game character.  So sad.

Some dorks, planning and chatting

Last of the land line enthusiasts

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This folded piece of paper (nothing written on it or inside the fold) was just sitting on a window sill in some building here or other.  Now I'm probably caught up in some Dan Brown bullshit.


Every post on here not about the dumb baby is about the Clientele, or close to it.  The Clientele are on "hiatus," though most quotes I've seen from lead guy Alasdair lead me to believe there will never be any new Clientele music again for the rest of the universe.  Sorry, tired.  Anyway, a couple years ago he put out his album with a partner as Amor de Dias, and the world yawned and even I was way unmoved.  So, with low expectations, I put on his new one.  Oh, wait, I love it.  It's fabulous, pretty much, more Clientele-y but keeping the Latin vibe of the previous.  So, yay!

I just wonder what they do for day jobs.  I should join them, we'd get along great in an office.

Fairly priceless

A problem shared is a problem halved:

First single dropping soon!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Imagine what it's like

If you couldn't spell well, would you walk around thinking thoughts that were incorrectly spelled?

Monday, January 28, 2013

That MC name finally arrived upon

Good times, bad times

"I am the king!"

"Get me off here, it's FREEZING!"

Nice graffiti, kids

[Um, I rather doubt it]
[reads in full:
Never do anything you can't
explain to the Ambulance or the
Love always

Ice Station Bun-Bun

Anton Corbijn was here?

Only by the slimmest of chances

Look!  The missing chicken found.  Just happened to fall out of the top of the overflowing trash can!

This coulda been a DISASTER!


Pet Shop Boys "Flamboyant" - Pizza Box Remix

King Baby Nuxhall's new beat lab

"Wish You Were Here!"

Said the bride, watching a California sunset:

Meanwhile, back here:

[license plate reads "4CLAPTN"]

Apologizing in advance here:

Thought you should know.  Sigh.

Get my wife's name off your neck!

So you know,

one time there was an office Christmas party (this was, what, 1988?) and a friend of ours came along (he didn't work at the place having the party) and he ended up kissing the boss lady, who was pretty, but, in hindsight, well...she looked a bit like Paul Stanley.  Plus the kisser is dead now.  Yow!

Nick Flag

Be on the lookout: I will also be touring as Black Flag. And soon!

Also: stay away from, y'know, open flames

Friday, January 25, 2013



"Vampires don't sparkle in the sun, they burn..."

Enough with the winter storm naming

I mean, really:

Isn't this just fodder for Reddit gifs of Kirk yelling "Khan!" at some falling snow or other such treacly web hijinx?

My dumb and probably pretentious brain

Driving home listening to NPR like a good jerk in his mid-40's, I hear news stories everyday and have these associations:

1. When I hear the Syrian city of Aleppo mentioned, I always think of the title of the Nabokov story "That In Aleppo Once."  Sorry.

2.  Now that Mali is in the news, I think of that Damon Albarn Mali Music record and this song comes into my head every time.  EVERY time:


Sure I found the missing 'C'; but now the chicken is missing from his little round roost, and likely for good, since we are going through a stage of throwing everything (spoons, remotes, etc) in the kitchen trash can.

Pray for us!

Speaking of sickos,

reading some true-crime tome called People Who Eat Darkness, about a UK bar hostess working in Japan getting kidnapped and murdered, etc.  Japanese death cults, that sort of thing.  I can feel it get ready to get way sick.

Good issue of New York

Don't worry, I already had this pic
in the dumb Patrick McMullan So80's book.
Just read the Bret Easton Ellis thing and learned nothing at all new, which is as it should be.

Now: Gagosian.

Mom in California Night 2

Honey bear bottle as sippy cup = CLASS


Thursday, January 24, 2013


Mom gone to California!

Hair at maximum East D_____!

Beatific, yo!

"If we lived in Europe, like reals, I would
shake my football scarf thus!"

No shit, was trying to get a picture of this man
struggling  to drag the laptop from under the sofa, but when
camera appeared, he tried to act all inconspicuous!

Baby's first Mulholland Drive.  Tonight: Cruising

"I made it through Night One of just dad -
but can it last?"

Three videos

Are video posts "cheating"?  Don't care!

                                                           The autumn wind is a pirate...

                                                                            Still brill...

                                               Gonna guess you cannot make it through this...

Items of note from Minnesota

Hello, patriots!

Let's bitch about GLOVES

I have a hole in one of my (black, wool) gloves.  I decided: today's the day, those sad gloves are getting replaced.  Thing is: could I find any just plain wool gloves, ones that weren't $46 and equipped with "touchscreen" pads and EMP-repellent and the like?  NO!  Went to TJ Maxx and two actual department stores.  I was willing to pay about 25 bucks, if necessary, but now, eff it!, am going to be BURIED in my holey ones.