Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hallowe'en 2012 - 8

"I'm going to go ahead and assume my body
doesn't process sugar normally.  PARTY!"

Hallowe'en 2012 - 7

Marching band unit gathers, test embouchure against elements

At last!  A reason to wear that banana suit that Aunt Brenda sent!

Lining up, playing a little "Be Good, Johnny," perhaps

Following the band on the journey to the boulevard!

Like refugees from A Wrinkle in Time, the neighbors all
join the procession!

Hallowe'en 2012 - 6

Looks like his namesake, which is the point, such
as it is.

Nice Neighbor, minding her own business: "..."

Me: "Hi, A____!  How are you?  And hi,, forgot your dog's name..."

NN: "Oh, this is Duffy!"

Me, overly excited: "Wow, Duffy!  Did you - did you guys grow up around here?"

NN, seeing where this is headed: "Um, Cincinnati..."

Me: "Oh, so someone has bugged you about Clubhouse 22, right?"


etc, etc.

[the best part is the video was uploaded by Po, natch]

Hallowe'en 2012 - 5

Whoa, look out*!  Skeleton dog!

* NB: should be said in the manner of the "whoa, lookout" at the start of "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window."

Hallowe'en 2012 - 4

Hot dogs for everyone!

Hallowe'en 2012 - 3

Mother and dragon!

Hallowe'en 2012 - 2

Iron Man and some sort of Transformers guy.  What I wouldn't have given for such excellent Marvel costume stuff when I was wee!  As it was, I probably just made a Speedo of lettuce to look like the Submariner (in my thirties).  Again, "probably."

Hallowe'en 2012 - 1

As you remember from last year (surely), our little neighborhood takes Hallowe'en pretty seriously, with a parade, marching band from local college, etc.

These two were stoked at the news that Disney is going to make more way-shitty Star Wars dreck:


You'd best watch Together while it's still on-demand on Netflix.  Anthony Lane loved it, der.


Here are a couple of commenter names you can feel free to use:


Marfa Dumptruck

Sacrilege! Part 2

Not on Facebook, of course, but I can say with 99% certainty that this exchange is out there or soon will be:

Hurricane Sandy is retribution for Jets not starting Tebow.
Yes remember what happened when bronco's traded him there was the Batman shooting in CO


Sacrilege! part 1

Saw a sign yesterday on the way home which I couldn't get a picture of, so am re-enacting via a sign generator:

But I would have liked this:


As part of Basement Excavation 2012, I came across a few old Polaroids and found what was possibly the last fun picture of my parents ever taken (that is, where they are being silly/fun; they are alive but so far removed from that now).  I thought on Friday or Saturday I put it in my satchel, along with two Polaroids.  Well, ONE Polaroid made it so far as my office.  What th'? Where did the others go?

I really hope to find that shot of my folks.

Anyway, here's the Bride with Picci and Biscuit ca. 2008/9:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Odd but true

The first time I ever heard Belle and Sebastian (If You're Feeling Sinister), I only liked "The Fox in the Snow."

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bun chin-up bar firmly established!

View from the dumb end

My mother-in-law wanted a sort of swing-set thing made in an over-the-kitchen semi-attic space, for prospective tenants to be able to hang up clothes in one of her rental properties.  At least, I think that's what happened.  So, I put on my dumb end hat and assisted Kyle as we fulfilled Joan's request  Yes, I did stuff, just got no photo proof.  Anyway: pics!

Some 2 x 4's, metal bars...

Paddle bits, ahoy.

It only seems like we're building a mid-1970's
ski chalet.  Break out the champale!

Very Pink Floyd The Final Cut, at points.
See, at Anger Bros Construction, old-world
craftsmanship is the watchword of blah blah blah

Odd future

If, say, fifteen years ago, you would have said, well, American politics is going to be like bad Margaret Atwood and a huge hurricane full of snow was going to destroy the East Coast and you'll be all sober and shit and have a baby, I woulda surely said "Guh...okay, I guess."  I mean, none of those premises are unfathomable.

But if you'd said, "Oh, almost're going to drive a Ford F250 of your mother-in-law's around sometimes, taking donated furniture to people and whatnot..."...well, that would have defied credence.

And YET!:

Mild coffee shop art I saw Saturday

Exceedingly mild, at that:

Uh oh - night time coming

Arrgh - the Man!


Sappho, so good

Digging through and "organizing" the hundreds of billions of books in the basement, I found a paperback of Sappho works I got in a five-dollars-a-bag bag o' books sometime or other.  No time like the present, I thought:

When I saw Eros 
On his way down
from heaven, he
wore a soldier's
cloak dyed purple

Tough!  She keeps doing that, too.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

After-dinner walk

Books books books

Well, I have stepped in it.  Sort of.

More covers like this, please
There are many, many boxes of books in the basement.  Stuff that I "need" but don't necessarily need to be able to put my hands on.  Charles Addams's bio, that sort of thing.  Non-vital JU, VN, etc.  Boxes and boxes and boxes.  I promised the Bride (a great reader, but not a book-keeper) that I would go through boxes looking for stuff to get rid of/sell at Half-Price.  Problem is, as soon as I open a box, I get transfixed into just nosing around, not putting on the "get rid of this" hat in any serious way. 

Last night I opened up a box and ended up reading A Light in the Forest by Conrad Richter, for god's sake [I had tried reading this as a kid and was terrified at 10 of the page 1 mention of a character dying of the "yellow vomit."  A pukey kid myself, this was just mortifying] and three stories from Pigeon Feathers.

What I really need is a case of mono and a week of rain.  Then maybe I would get something done?  But I doubt it.

Also, Book Fair at the fairgrounds is in in what, three weeks?  I doubt I can displace enough unneededs to counter the incoming tide of new stuff.  Then there's Christmas.

D_____: city of class

On the side of a church:

Moon things 3

Thanks to New York magazine, I know now that Rev Moon's home had six pizza ovens

Dude really liked pizza!

Moon things 2

I thought that kid's name was Wally Moon, but that was this amazingly browed dude.

Moon things 1

I hate that annoying ye-ye style piece of shit song on that iPod commercial.  Willy Moon.  Ick.

The real problem with tablets

You know how sometimes you can have read the same book a hundred times, then you get a different copy and reading the same book in a different font will make you notice things you hadn't or give the whole thing a substantially different feel?  What if you go all e-reader doodad and then they won't let you change the font?  Maybe they let you change the font/size and all that stuff already; I'll never know, thank Christ.  And this is even before "they" start gathering up all copies of paper books and destroying them then deleting the availability off their platforms.

MS Paint New Yorker Cartoon 10/25/2012

"Oh, Morris - maybe he'll put the pictures back somehow."

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nature Boy

Me, Friday morning
And, yes, I need to get up early Friday and go traipse in the reserve, damn it.

Heard a hippie lady quote this last Saturday:

Me, spring 2014
"Gardening is a way to show you believe in tomorrow."

That said, we may have to move S.P.U.G. to make way for developers.  But it's okay!  Won't be for a year, prolly, and even then the city has promised us a sunken spigot thing onsite wherever we end up.  Stay tuned!

At B Bam's

A bun for prez

If only