Friday, October 31, 2014


Amazing coffee can

Now with ~11% fewer bug wings

New phone camera tried out by 3 year old Weegee obsessive

D_____: Cradle of Innovation

Remember the Bat Halves!

Someone does


Everywhere one goes people are constantly bringing up how Mike Nesmith's mom invented Liquid Paper - but was Peter Tork an heir to the Tork Hand Towel Roll Doodad riches?

Then later

Oh, right

A perfect storm: the Bride listens as Cris Collinsworth
waxes poetic about Peyton Manning's record TD (Peyton Manning
is disliked for "calling his own plays like some bossy old lady).

Out and about

In new office

This weird photo came with from the old place

Thursday, October 30, 2014


I'm also not buying

the whole concept of "cotton cashmere."

K Bear Industries

Macrame Room

General Crafting

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just a question, but

how are the characters in Cars supposed to have built Radiator Springs, much less to have manufactured barbed wire and neon and stuff?  IT MAKES NO SENSE.


Read some article derisive of The Elements of Style, saying it's passe.  This is, of course, BULLSHIT.

He's Dead

Monday, October 27, 2014

Need to do this

Carving that pumpkin from earlier

Teddy await his snickerdoodle portion

"I think a trad triangle eyes, nose and crooked smile look..."

"Thanks, Heather!"



A Hallowe'en elf or some damn thing

Derek Carr

What is up with this kid's eyes?  Tattooed eyeliner?

Business idea

I can handle this
I love my new job, and I mean I LOVE it,  That said, maybe I should quit and have a business where I paint over your mold.  I don't remove the mold or do anything to keep it in abeyance, I just paint over it and guarantee that it will last about a month.

Alley Sweep Fall 2014

So, wait - I guess this was last Saturday or, like, eight days ago as I type.  Maybe I'm NOT that far behind.  Anyway: Alley Sweep for Fall 2014.  I know many of you wait for this evergreen blog item as a child waits for Christmas morning, so here it is.  Alas, I failed to get a picture of the ladybug on the side of the trailer this time, but it would be easy for you to look it up on one of the hundreds of thousands of other Alley Sweep posts "we've" done.

Kbear, subbing as materials manager as Bride was in the nation's capitol.

A smaller team than usual, but STRONG.

Abandoned, waiting for any number of local Laura Palmers

Our Bruce, as seen by Walker Evans

Might makes right!

Thought of keeping these mattresses to open a b & b.

I'm seeing Mater everywhere at this point

We'll jump anything!

I say this all the time,

Also: add as much double-bass drumming
as you think the license plate deserves
but that Mark Twain line about "when the end of the world comes I want to be in Cincinnati because it won't get there for another ten years" applies even moreso to D_____.  To wit: truck nuts, which I saw twice in a day because it's 2005 out there.

Pumpkins, fall shit...

Bought the center-of-photo pumpkin in advance of a cuttin' party.  There were a couple hundred out in front of the groceries, but the very next day, when I stopped at same grocery for something else, they were all gone!  I don't know, it made me happy that people were still carving pumpkins, not just showing pictures of same to their cyber-kids deep in radioactive soundcaves or SOME SHIT.

I'm working, yes,

but I spend most of my time these days practicing sounding sincere saying aloud that the new Weezer

record is really good.  It still sounds impossible, so I will refrain from averring thus further at this moment.

Actual birthday

Rafe (snoring on couch behind me as I type) was three on the 16th, but we held off having a proper birthday bash until this last weekend, so expect pictures of THAT in about six months, at the rate of decay we're experiencing, post-wise.  No matter!

McQueen blanket

Planes stuff.

8:30 a.m. birthday cake with Mavis and Louis

McQueen backpack, er, "pack-pack"
(you are sensing a theme, yes)

From an auntie

"Why would Mom be glad that Dad got rid of a car identical to this one?"

Way behind, we're all gonna live

Was hoping to catch up, have a Crappening of posts, but will try to get caught up as the week goes on.  Jesus.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Happy birthday to two dudes in this picture


The nice couple next door got this single mother fixed, which is excellent, but now she just goes back and forth from our front door to theirs.  She was Cadbury, but little Darla next door called her Catberry, so that's who she is.

Bleak House