Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mike's dad's pedalboard

Here is Mike's dad's pedalboard. Interesting, because he plays rippin' blues (cough) and his pedals are all BLUE. Almost all, anyway.

Also, Mike, unable to take any more, told me how to fix my spacing issues, which is something YOUR four-year-old niece knows how to do, but I did not. Thanks, Mike!

Baby update

Yes, the baby is fine. He/she (we're not sure which and don't want to find out, though given all the hooch-damaged parental chromosomes, it probably WILL be a he/she) has a face, a spine, kidneys, fingers, toes - all that stuff.

Just thought I would update. October 9 is drop date, still.

As I say, I'm not crazy about them Taco Bell dogs,

but I do like PEANUT! Peanut was over for coffee Friday night, and though he's about a third the size of either of them, he scared the cats. Whoot!

The back of a house that nearly fell down

Kyle's neighbor Rich called, concerned that his balcony on the back of his house was going to fall down/off, as the wooden support posts (hollow! nice!) were split down the middle. Indeed, they were bowed out.

So, we took a car jack (!), propped up the back of the house, put in replacement posts and saved the day. AGAIN.

Kyle then de-stressed by sitting around looking like "a bit of rough" from a Joe Orton play. Hooray!

Another phenom

Some wise soul posited that, in the 70's, kids went to movies to see adults have sex. Now, adults go to the movies to see kids at it.

But what of Bridesmaids? I went to see this Sunday night at 10:25, which is weird because I never go to movies, ever. But it was fun! Light-hearted vulgarity. What was weird was how the place was filled with teens and twenty-year olds. I mean, how old is Wiig? 35, maybe? Too lazy to look. And Maya Rudolph is no kid, either. Hmm.

So, I guess the third side of the triangle is "movies where adults look stupid and there is vomiting, which is appealing to all ages, expect the Really Olds, who are home watching Fox News/Evening Shade re-runs [tie]."

Picci = a dick

Not sure what is stuck in her furry craw this time, but when I tried to give Picci a love this morning she hissed at me, and, when I insisted, she bit me! Quel brat!

It sucks because we love her, right, but, to company, she really is the rude little pig we joked about at first!

She can make all the Godfather Part II-style "first look at the New World" poses in the kitchen window that she wants, she's still a [sic] asshole.

Friday, May 27, 2011



I will say it: Odessey and Oracle is perfect. Must burn for truck for weekend.

Image dump

A thing I will never do

You know how some blogs like The Selvedge Yard or, to an extent, yimmy's yayo, get popular and then magazines and fashion people and whatever start giving these bloggers "assignments" along with the accolades and then the actual, y'know, blogging slows to a trickle?

Well, that is something I will not do! Even given the endless onslaught of (maybe) a person a week telling me "I liked that thing you had on the blog about _____," I will not be swayed by the world at large from my appointed task.


Helpful memo to a co-worker



Thursday, May 26, 2011


thanks to Jeff "Vida" Duvall for the pic

Oh, man



Don at Air Force Museum 7

Some things never change - Dad still hates astronaut figurines!

Don at Air Force Museum 6

Dammit! Stop it, Mr Freedom!

Don at Air Force Museum 5

"Are we at Friendly's...what?"

Don at Air Force Museum 4

Don says he trained in one of these.

Could well be thinking of driving to CVS, but whatever.

Don at Air Force Museum 3

In full Twilight Zone "Terror at 30,000 Feet" fashion, pity the early space explorer who looked out his porthole to see some ancient monkey-man peering back, saying "Cat's out!"

Don at Air Force Museum 2

Don with a Sputnik.

"That's where we got your name! Your mother wanted 'Sput'..."

Don at Air Force Museum 1

It was a big day for my dad...he was quite ready to leap into the breach to defend YOUR freedom. Apparently.

US Air Force Museum 7

Lost in upper Burma? Here's a map!

US Air Force Museum 6

Here is brother Davit (aka David) who knows tons of plane ephemera and who, indeed, used to volunteer at the museum. He's full o' lore, such as this re: the U2 spy plane - at cruising/spying altitude, the plane had to be kept with in a 10mph window, else either a.) the engine would stall out or b.) the wings would fly off. Whoot! He's full of that stuff!

He does not have an answer as to why the band U2 would do such cloying treacle as "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?," however.

US Air Force Museum 5

I can understand why lawmakers need to take stands on occasion against way-out NEA-funded art projects, like drinking fountains of hep-C blood and the like...BUT who would have thought your tax dinero would support this bit of signage, fully visible to any patriotic churrens who happen past?


US Air Force Museum 4

Oh, this is fun - the return capsule from Apollo 15 moon mission, right? Well, as a little months-old mewling, puking brat, I was held aloft (probably) to "watch" this ship take off!

My aunt and uncle lived in Ft Lauderdale, so apparently a day-trip to Canaveral for the launch took place. Sweet!