Friday, November 30, 2012


"and there's nothing we could do about it..."

And surely

someone is writing an "inspirational" book called A Cat Called MySpace?

Full disclosure

Also, just woke up and realized that I have never listened to a whole Fugazi album.  So I rule.

Liked "Waiting Room," though.  And surely some Tesco-styled wags have a band called Faguzi?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Parents, a brother

Bun @ Indian buffet

May not have mentioned there is nothing the boy will not's some carrot dessert with cinnamon, cardamom, and probably hyssop and bits of pulverized zinc.  A crap he doesn't give!

How to find a missing copy of Casablanca

Bought, at lunch, a replacement DVD of Casablanca because the other one is lost/wedged somewhere...stopped on a whim at the little Discs Before They Falter Shoppe or wherever and shit yes!, there was a copy for less than nine bucks, with tax.  So: yay.  Have looked for the old one off and on for months.

Now, I can be certain that the other one will turn up five minutes after I'm home tonight.

"Huh!  Under a two-liter of Vernors in the fridge...who knew?"


I had a bit of a windfall around week 2 or 3 and decided to pay for the whole season's wagers at once in my wee NFL pool I'm in - I think that is why I have not won even one week (last year I won three times!).

Games Mistress says I'm not hungry.  Could be.

December Mix!

Rialto - Drive
Rush - Subdivisions
Sade - The Moon and the Sky
This Mortal Coil - You and Your Sister
New Order - All Day Long
Rolling Stones - Lady Jane
Vladimir Cosma - Promenade Sentimentale
Guided by Voices - White Flag
Pet Shop Boys - Memory of the Future
De la Soul  - Brainwashed Follower
Duke Ellington - Lotus Blossom
Suede - Killing of a Flashboy
Jake Bugg - Two Fingers
Shudder to Think - Hot One
Cribs - Last Year's Snow
Belle and Sebastian - La Pastie de la Bourgeoisie
Jellyfish - The King is Half-Undressed
Kent - The King is Dead
Morrissey - Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice
John Lennon - Oh My Love
Depeche Mode - One Caress
Zombies - This Will Be Our Year

Then there are movies

Let the Right One In: unviewed as of 11/29/2012
And I only like movies I've seen, because they are safe.  We've covered this.  I have friends who go to the movies (outside their houses!) once or sometimes even twice a week!  "After this we're going to see Wreck-It Ralph..." they'll say, safe in the knowledge the world won't blow up while they're there, the fools!  Okay.

Well, I am going to force myself to watch a movie a week that I HAVE NOT SEEN BEFORE in 2013.  I mean, I've not even seen Children of Men, let alone, I dunno, U-Turn.  Lots of catching up to do.


So, Adele has sold 10 million units, which, I mean, good for her.  She can sing, at least!  But I have to say I'm such an impossible dick that I have never heard any of her songs at all except an 11 year old singing one at a neighborhood karaoke "blast" and about a third of her theme to Skyfall.  I liked it!

Jam of the half-day

The teen perspective

A stripling, last Friday
Picked the brain of young Luke on show night, he's in high school and records his own songs then is on the cover of his CD holding a balloon, etc.  Told him when I was in school it was all Whitesnake and Top Gun soundtrack, that the cool kids sought out cool shit and twas ever thus.  He said, naw, there aren't many kids who even give a rat's about music at all, that it's just the girls actually LIKE One Direction and it's impossible for him to get a band together, even with Facebook and with the idea of access other local schools.  Dang!

"Like, in homeroom, guys are all just talking about their death-to-kill ratios..." [I assume this has to do with some video game twaddle]

So, yeah, mine truly was the golden age!

Am told this is real

Also, "Bullet" is the only Misfits song one needs to hear.

The kind of thing I would tweet if I had Twitter

No, Style Council was Weller's best thing.  I understand why he's iconic but every solo thing is over-earnest and boring.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Love it

Jack Spade, natch

Why I Should Have Learned Computers

See, if I knew how to do stuff, I could somehow "tape" or otherwise digitally capture this when it's broadcast:

But I cannot, alas.  It would be impossible to even find out how, unless there was some sort of mechanism with which one could "search" the world wide web for an answer as to how to do this.

In other PSB news, I did change my phone-alarm ringtone to "A Different Point of View," so that is done, at least.

The last sign

Speaking of Kissmas,

Catching up 4

A dreary picture from the Ukraine.

Catching up 3

Have had this for months, some sort of art, but it makes me chuckle...

Catching up 2

Yep, "Bandit Mask" Paul figurine is available for Xmas 2012.

Catching up 1

Rolan Bolan (son of Marc), Liam Gallagher
and Jason Falkner.  Crucial, this.
Next four posts are things that have no bearing on anything, as opposed to the life-or-death importance of all the other posts, just a few things I've been intending to get rid of by posting.

Must monetize

You know how - wait, let me start over.  You know how you sometimes can remember something: "Oh, so and so died in 1995..." then you remember something else - "Oh, that was in 2002..." and then it seems weird that whatever those two events were, they now seem much closer together or, perhaps, further apart? And then you feel all eerie and realize it's the passage of time and that your days are numbered?  That feeling?

I need to monetize that.

Never too early to promote and promote

A correspondent forwarded this...let's just make sure that there is a fully staffed retinue of phone banks on December 1 to start taking ticket orders for this February mega-event.

"The eagle shits today"

Or so says this guy, telling us what used to be said in the US military on payday.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Old Top Ten Lists

Got that 1990 Letterman Top Ten List book at the book sale weeks back; you know the one.  The best thing is you can read it and hear old eighties Dave saying the number ones:

We're getting cable
Shorter speeches, tighter pants
Kennel cough/Daddy's drunk (tie)
 That fruit Jefferson gets Monticello. I get a tunnel.
"Hello, Al Sharpton's office."

My very fave from back then (I remember it actually airing while I was kissing a girl [gasp]!), from Top Ten Things About the Druids:

They died out in the early 5th century/they partied like it was 1999 (tie)

Our Far-Flung Correspondents and what they put up with

People who clip their nails in the airport MAKE ME SICK


Next song to make up.

Monday, November 26, 2012

NFL Hangover

"Ugh, razzafrazzin' Bears...I had 1100 bucks on that game...need a


"Why'dja wake me?  What's going on?"

"Where the hell am I?'

A rabbit for a supervisor

"A little to the left, fellas..."

At the barber shop

Songs Without End


A swollen corpse found in the Great Miami river, propped up and made
to look like it's playing music using Erector set motors
Chris on electric bass, having escaped an island where Morrissey backup band
dudes are farm-raised

Ian, best drummer in most of SW Ohio

Mike, the illegitimate nephew of Quicksilver Messenger Service

A spry kid and his great-grandfather playing a few Batdorf and Rodney numbers



Set list

In this era of Yaybook, show flyers have gone the way of the dodo.  Yet the scrawled-with-Sharpie setlist lives on...nay, thrives!

Canal Street 11/23

Been playing here since I was 16.  Yay/sigh

King Elk, at it.  They were good!  Plus they intro'd
a song by saying it was called "Ackley Kid."  It wasn't
really, alas.

Rafe at his most Belle and Sebastian-looking


(missing: Chris.  The poor thing)


Pick Fairy

Was mentioning I needed to get some orange Tortex guitar picks and damn if the Pick Fairy didn't stop and leave some!  Right inside the screen door.

And here you thought the Pick Fairy was what the people in the football pool called me while awaiting my picks.  WRONG!

Aunt hill!

With mom and her sisters.  "All this adoration is my due!"

Getting all beatific and stuff

"I look innocent, but I'm thinking about shooting
fireworks out of a moving car!"