Friday, September 28, 2012


Weekend image runnerup

Thought this was Newt Gingrich's sister at first glance

An example:

design level indicates career status

Writing this yesterday,

but am sure that by now I am pissed at myself for not burning a copy of Very for the truck.

How must I look?

I knew Martin Amis was aging, but lordy:

Thursday, September 27, 2012


"After I saw The Song Remains the was all downhill for me, from there..."

Open letter to Mike Po of Podals, Inc

Dude, go to Trader Joe's right now and get these two items and eat them:


Gamaliel Redux

When one posts so much nothing, one vaguely gets the feeling "I've been this way before."

And Warren G-related
spot art.  AGAIN.
This morning I wondered what the "G" in Warren G Harding stood for (he was mentioned on the book-a-day desk calendar that I can see peripherally even as I type).  HA!  "Gamaliel!"  What the hell kind of name is that?  BLOG GOLD!

Except I felt a nagging itch to check to see if, if....sure enough, I already posted about this in 2009:

Still, it was heartening to see that my style was ever fresh and witty.  NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Also: a moose

Keeping bears at bay

Love the logo illustration!

Board already?

Yes, the circuit boards are coming together up in Chicago for the holiday Podals rush.  Buy one for your gran!

Glad to see we're now using the Weller WES50, etc...

Meanwhile, over at the Mossad reunion...

Scenes from a skedaddle across the kitchen floor

"I'm in the midst of scooting/crawling across the kitchen...
join me, won't you?"

"It only looks like I'm going uphill.  Ha ha!"

"This is my combination 'Truman in New Orleans, 1946'/Christina's World pose.
I hope you like it!"

"Plus I was told this ridiculous white tile was going to be replaced?
Was I misled?"

This arrived, thank gawd

Five schools to go.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wow - a hard truth

I saw someone say this on a message board and it's one of the great truths:

design level indicates career status


You can get anything at the thrift store

In fact,

even my brothers, me and my dad in 1995 think this is terrible, terrible crap.


Mumford Cousins Avett Twins Family Band Times

Um, fuck all this...this...whatever it is.


What was wrong with me?  Fatigue?  Anyway, I referred to Skinner from Kell on Earth as "Slater" the other day.  No, not on the blog, in conversation.

Anyway: sorry, everyone.

Choose one:

Grabbing for Margot

I did not know this crucial Doors fact

I had no idea that "Mr Mojo Risin'" was an anagram of Jim Morrison, who was the singer for the Doors.

Overheard 2:

"I'm watching all the Philip Seymour Hoffman movies...I couldn't get through Capote, though; he does this high...this weird, high voice that's so annoying..."

Overheard 1:

"They send these spreadsheets and you gotta have a telescope to read 'em..."

SCARIEST thing I ever bought

I found a bottle of this and I'm scared to open it.

Best thing I ever bought?

In that last post, I'm wearing my beloved Red Wing boots.  Seriously, these are just about the most satisfying purchase ever.  Gardening, dumb end-ing, any other general labor...or for rock, really.

The best thing is I just read up on how they really do resole them for a "nominal sum."  So, while I have worn these for four years and am still about two years from needing a resoling.  Just good to know they were worth the 11K or whatever the hell they cost.

Where do I find the time?

It's a good question; a friend disclosed that my over-scheduling is sometimes a cause for concern for some.  I parry that if I had free time, the Bride would just come up with other things for me to do, so I'd best soldier on unstintingly.

But then, seemingly out of nowhere, comes a recent picture of me making a wry expression while a guy in a fedora does an R Kelly karaoke number.  How was this possible?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Never forget!

Next day and all is well again

Another angle of fruit/tartness freakout!:

The Pudding With Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries Incident

"Okay, I've just eaten lots of vegetables from the pot roast,
bring on dessert..."

"Hmm, I'm liking this vanilla pudding with sweet fruits in it..."


It's almost October,

Not sure why blogger squished this.  But the color, mes chers!
so it only makes sense that a lot of the tomatos are just now ripening.

The putting out of tiny pumpkins

It was this weekend.

Why, yes,

I DO need a cut-out tool.  Yes.

From a Georgian correspondent:

My first thought was that it was a llama sitting down covered with a bedspread.  It may be one of those dogs that looks like some glass noodles, as on that Beck record.

I find this a-Muse-ing (ha ha!)

Good news everyone: Matt Bellamy of Muse no longer thinks 9/11 was an inside job, per NME. His political views are "more nuanced now."

Given equal import was the disclosure that on their upcoming tour, there will be a "symbolic upside-down pyramid over [them] while [they] play."


Three (3) Ice Cube-related thoughts

1. Not just the family-friendly movies and such, but what would the 1990 Ice Cube think of the Coors Light dude?

2. "Forget about a dog, fool; he'll shit in the den" > Shakepeare

3.  Go around saying this in your best Ice Cube voice:

Sent him out for a wood stretcher/
he came back with a muthafukkin' cricket sweater


384 choices

That's how many uniform combinations the Oregon Ducks have, with all the various permutations.

It's a Nike thing, Phil whoever went there.  I had hoped they had a design program and the kids were constantly turning out new uniforms weekly, but no, it's finite and Nike.

Also, this basketball court is the SICK:


Here's Paul Ribot, who was living on our friend's porch a street over.

Hello, Paul!

Master Blaster 2

Trying to get a trend going of going "noooo...noooo...." like Master does after Blaster half gets all arrowed.  Only 27 years late, but we think it's going to be giant!

Master Blaster 1

Friday, September 21, 2012


No, no, don't explain it

Getting close to secret hiding place
What was that Bruce Willis "controversy" the other week when he was worried he couldn't leave his iTunes to his kids in his will or something?  Probably some iTunes thing I don't know about where your mp3's M4A's don't play if Apple doesn't have your blood type.

When I die, I'm either giving my terabyte (a gazillion tunes, shit tons of images, half of the episodes of Mad Men, Let the Right One In and The Informers [yes!]) to Chooch in my will, or I will have professionals auction off the combination to the subterranean safe where it lives to highest bidder.

Good luck!