Friday, June 28, 2013


Bet it's gonna be REAL GOOD

Our long citywide nightmare is over

These arrived:

"Suddenly, Last Lasagna" or some other Tennessee Williams/Garfield joke I don't have time to make up

This happened:

Other guy (looking at some paper work): "Jim Davis...Jim Davis...why does that sound familiar..? Jim Davis..."

Me:  "Um, because of Garfield?"

Other guy: [looks at me for five seconds]


Yet more BFF's

Things get all jurassic and shit

Down at S.P.U.G.:


"Never go to Disneyworld during an election..."

Seed packet I'm pitching

Pains me, obviously.

Scan from a Book I'm Pitching


Oh, god, gotta make this


Oh, right,

Jam of the Day:

Sorry, wouldn't upload.

If you are too lazy to open that in a new tab (and I understand that), this also works:

Greetings(?) from Puerto Rico



Attn: Deadheads

Firstly, you are tiresome.  The point here, though, is check out my coloring job, done to keep a bun from being disruptive somewhere.  Dancing bear-tastic!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


"I want to make an app...that improves life in some way..."

Garden bed conclusion!

These at Cheryl's mentioned the other day.  You remember.

First, stop at the ol' manure patch at S.P.U.G.  In fact, people see me down by it and
call me that as a nickname: "There's Ol' Manure Patch...," they keen.

Just need enough to spice up the mix.

Lots of leaf compost, an upside down wheelbarrow and a shovel
come together to make a fine Gerald Murphy-esque composition.

Started pouring, of course.

Manure laid on the mesh and such about five inches deep.

Louis and I filled wheelbarrows, beating downpour, but then not and getting
The ol' dump and spread (twss) process.
Suitable for your heartier vegetables or perhaps
the vampire kid next door.

"What th'...?"

A preview of one teensy bit of my upcoming crammed-to-the-gills weekend

Oh, there will be followup, believe you me.
It was Big Daddy Kane who said that he was "so full of action/my name should be a verb."  And I, of course, identify with this sentiment.  If I told you all the crap I do, you would wilt in the hot sunlight of your shame.  So I only give you a mere transverse slice (thanks, N. Baker) of my days, for I don't wish to be the cause of your sense of defeat and ultimate resignation from life.  Not me!

Anyway, sorted through the seeds last night that have been perched on the porch since the 1780's.  Seriously, some of these go back to before we even gardened*!  What?  SELL BY 12/31/2007.  Huh?

So, to be added to my list of wee activities for Saturday: get some sort of metal strongbox/filing case for remaining seeds.   Then I can sit up alone on cold winter nights when the wind howls and ice is flung at the windows, sort and resorting the seeds in amazing combinations and taping/gluing seeds to mapped-upon graph paper.  Or some such.


* I do know where they came from, just being sort of vague to make things more inherently fascinating

Picked up outside Honus Wagner Night

CATching up (get it? get it?)

Edie, quite recently
Blinky, bored with it all

Summer evening

That Bun-Clyde modeling in full

"Do they make suede brushes this little?"

Garden-Tone freebies are here!

Slight out-of-focusness adds to the nostalgia I already feel for when these
disintegrate five years from now.


Also not about zombies.
Game of Thrones is a good show, like Walking Dead, except it's not about zombies...

A correspondent sends:

When I saw this on my phone I thought it said $875,
which would be so much better.  Still, though.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Basil baron

A co-worker chuckled in a way that passes for wryly around this godforsaken sewer yesterday as he heard me yapping on the phone about whether the person on the other end could use a "pound."

"No, after I get the stuff to the other people, I will be pretty done until next, no...well, let me check if I can sort you out something...."

I was talking about BASIL, silly geese [collapses in hysterics*]!

* c an p Chris Heath

Amazing quote 2:

I used to be shy about ordering a steak after I had eaten a steak sandwich, but I got over it. - A.J. Leibling

Amazing quote 1

Have you read Nile Rodgers's book?  It's very good.  He defines a pop song: the verse is only an excuse for the chorus, and the chorus is only an excuse for the breakdown.  I said to Chris, "we should paint that on the wall of the studio."

Rabe ordered

Before you go shaking your loved ones awake to show
them how cute this package is, this was NOT the actual
label on the brand I purchased.  When mine arrive,
I will, I dunno, scan them so you can see.  Calm the fuck
down already.
I got two packets of broccoli rabe seeds for like six bucks delivered.  Sometimes SHIT WORKS OUT!

Well, I'll go, of course

Orchardly Park Redux 6

Soggy yet triumphant

Orchardly Park Redux 5

Yes, this weird little toy is reminding you to listen to Aladdin Sane because
now you'll have "The Prettiest Star" in your head.

Orchardly Park Redux 4

Happy, caffeinated people

Orchardly Park Redux 3

Shock of the century!
Seeing this, your first thought is of the the Chinese slave labor making it...

But no!  Googled it, turns out this was the last thing made in the USA
EVER!  Epic win!

Orchardly Park Redux 2

Orchardly Park Redux 1

Went again on Sunday!

"That better not be f______ coffee!"

So says a concerned auntie.  BUT IT IS!

Not sure what to say

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Now THAT's marketing:

Shoes, mang

"I'm Fred Astaire!"

"No, wait, I'm Marie Antoinette..."

Oh! This week's fish dish

Shoulda posted Monday, but here is the fish from Saturday night: cod al ajillo with avocados in soy-lime vinaigrette.  INSANE.

This just may be the summer jam I waited for:

I mean, it sucks, so it rules, etc:

Beefsteaks - in Brooklyn, of course

Read an article in a New Yorker food compilation about the old fashioned "beefsteak" dinners where dudes would just sit and eat five lbs of steak and drink buckets of beer.  Thought "surely some beard-oiled hipster doofs have revived this?"  Yep, and with Pat Lafrieda, no less:

Hey, Dave Lynch!

No time to search if I've already said this, but stop making dopey records and Chanel commercials and make another taut thriller (WITH plot) like Blue Velvet to have ready for, I dunno, next fall.  Thanks!