Wednesday, August 31, 2011

OMFG! Gabe/Cait nuptials this Sunday!

Hard at making a playlist for the Big Day coming. Groove is in the heart!

This should be a fantastic time. I'm acting in some sort of emceeing capacity and have been listening non-stop to Rakim to get prepped.

Also, a fun prank would be to load an iPod with "Yankee Rose" a hundred times. No.

Take that, Bruce Weber

Peanut in repose during Friday rock rehearsal! Why was there a chihuahua there? If you don't know that, you don't know West. [?]

Obligatory rock post

Yes, we had the debut of West at Ian's wedding on Saturday...I have some video and some more may be out on the youtube by now, but the files are huge and I'm not sure they will load.

ANYway, here is one of those fab/gimmicky shots of event. Chooch sat in on some guitar and percussing.

It's really happening

A correspeondent has acquired these for me. Thank gawd. Also, am just going to post the next several posts irrespective of timeline, have a list and need to get them up.

August 2011 is the month with most posts ever, btw! If you're lurking, join as a follower! You know, like I never, ever do on the million things I read on the internet.

Get the person in the next cube to join. I don't care if they read it.

That Billy Name/Edie/Ondine fire escape haircut re-enacted for today

Chooch playing "The Fear" by Pulp on my acoustic

Potato lady

Oh, boy - remember the potatoes we planted. Well, they're done!

Don't think for a minute that I am not anxious to bust out some graph paper and plot next year's furtherance into zero turf-ness! Potato tires will be stacked, and lettuce bed extended by about twelve feet!

Isn't this interesting?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

D_____: where attention to detial is priority one

Late afternoon sun/Pine Club


Pictures with books in by (hopefully) Friday...

Chooch brings the Lolita hammer

(water-damaged Lolita used as battering device)

IKEA shelving

Gotta make room for this damn-fool baby, of all things! Hence, former upstairs library needs to become boudoir de bebe!

Co-builder arriving:

At it (why am I not helping? Someone had to record this! duh!)

Viva zapatos!

J Crew Outlet

You just know some suburban mom will by this for her mean eight-year-old brute, never knowing he's the Stradlater of the schoolyard.

Actually, one of these in an adult male medium would be ace.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Good news!/Proof D_____ians are just lazier?

Bronze theft at local cemeteries less prevalent than rest of Ohio - DDN

We have that to cling to, anyway!

Football is go

All has been discussed and there will be NFL package and there will be snacks.

I could blanch at the 100 buck throw-in, but why? I'm obviously going to win the pool every other week.

ALSO, Joe Webb got a twenty yard TD the other night. Just frickin' saying:

I guess I will start here

Cannot begin to cover the entire insane weekend today...will get some in, will likely take until Wednesday.

So where to start, then? Well, how about with the fact that I was given this five dollar bill in my change at the McDonald's drive-thru this lunchtime? I scanned it, which is probably a felony, and I can expect Tom Ridge to swoop down on me momentarily, but it shows to go you the lengths I will go to for you, gentle reader.

Series 1953!

Thursday, August 25, 2011



Good lord, Chooch will be here in less than four hours!

Gotta burn a copy of Louder Than Bombs for the truck...

To included are shopping, Pine Club, debut of West (rock band), who knows what all...


"I've seen the future and it will be..."

The Bride gets a bang out of chiding me for keeping every magazine I've ever touched, but that's just her being bossy and exaggerative, because I really DO pare down every so often. Now that we own a house, I can go out and buy big plastic tubs and just store crap and keep it all out of the way, unobtrusive...

And yet it's actually a wonderful thing for humanity that I have all this crap, because who else has my steel trap memory and general acuity (hint: nobody)? See, a lot of people would have forgotten this insane ad, from 1993:

Not much to be said, right? Just that in the future (a very Terry Gilliam future, maybe crossed with the same future where FutureClaire dies at the end of Six Feet Under), girls will wear cute knit hats!

Oh, and that I need a job being the page turner at the BigLibrary (tm) where are the books live. Think of all the books.

Her (into 1984-style intercom thingy): "Hi, could you turn the
page for me?"

Me: "..."

Her: "Hello...anyone there?"

Me: "Oh! Sorry! Was lost in
an old magazine..."

This ad is also in the October 1993 Spin magazine with Kurt on the cover. Amazing RRL ads, as well.

Probably the girl from Evanescence (sp?),

but can we REALLY be sure?

Margot needs this coat

Although maybe it IS time to move...

The problem with bumperstickers and vanity plates is that one can put nigh anything on them.

fer instance, could this one mean:

* my car is just too blue for you as well? Or are they certain it will be seen by two people? Or U2 (the band) in a tour bus? "Hey, Larry - check it! They [points] are too blue for us!"

* Speaking of U2, these people could be just too sad to have to listen to "Mysterious Ways" for Nth fucking time? If so, I feel their pain, if I hear that song again I will likely kill someone. Or, god make it no, maybe they are blues musicians, way too "genuine" in their 1-4-5 utter shitness to cover "With or Without You" at some rundown local sportsbar shithole this coming Labor Day Weekend? "Fuck off, Chris, I'm doin' 'Pride and Joy' or I'm outta the band!"

*Still, it's most likely that this cretin just thought: "Hmm, vanity plate time. Car's blue. 2 BLUE FOR YOU. Huh. Wait, 2 BLU FOR U. Still long. Dammit. Oh! 2BLU4U! Suck it! Wait, I got one more space now. I'll just put a 2 on it [grunt, snuffle]..."

But I bet there is a 2 on the end because some other dipshit in, I dunno, Paulding County or somewhere was the first to be truly 2BLU4U.

Scenes from Savannah

Gabe'n'Cait are safe and sound (barring a hurricane driving shards of window glass into their soft parts) down in Georgia!

Glad they are happy! I am quite content in my life, but WAS made jealous in hearing that the local animal shelter place is five minutes away.

(cats win! of course/yay!)


Had never heard of "arc light" or "arclight" operations as such until last Sunday. Lordy.

Worst thing/best thing

That Jay-Z/Kanye single is the worst thing ever in the universe, natch.

But this almost makes it all okay:

[had to come back and edit this: the actual best thing ever is when Cory's dad, who was president of a company then called Primus, wore one of his sons' Primus (the band) tee shirts to a company board meeting, the one that said PRIMUS SUCKS on it. THAT is the best thing ever, so you can stop searching the crannies of your life/memory/the internet for anything else.]


"Well, you can't make a deal with an earthquake..."

Idea of the new century

We all hear/fear those "nightmare" stories of people who get those lameass "asian character" tattoos, which are supposed to mean "STRENGTH" or something but the scurrilous tattoo artist has jokingly changed it to "DOUCHEBAG," right?

Well, were I to plunge into tattoos, I would go out and get the erroneous Chinese tattoo on purpose:

"Hey, man, sweet new ink! What's that mean?"


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tapatio madness

Christ! Gerna need these next. May have to just get bags of these and hit the road...get a dog...


"I like the fall jean jacket-type weather..."

I would not have believed it, either

Maybe it's the late summer doldrums hitting (I woke up with full allergies, etc), but something said "Nick Eddy! Listen to that new Arctic Monkeys that's been sitting in your 'testing' folder for months!"

So I did, and it is great - today, anyway. Will listen to it again to see if I'm wrong, then to Last Shadow Puppets. I think.

Hello, John

Super-easy and frankly insane pickles

I had been meaning to make these since I saw the recipe and finally got around to it last Friday.

A game changer!

Next Alibris stack will have this

Had not been so shocked to see a book title since I found out Trollope had a book called Can You Forgive Her?

Keep yourself alive

The horror of nature

It's been pleasantly cool the last few nights, so the windows are open and winsome pre-fall (heh) breezes have been a-waft.

That must be how some weird-ass green grasshopper-like bug that can fly ended up in the bathroom this morning. Like an inch and a half long. Ick!

By now, the cats have likely torn it limb from brittle limb, but it is wise to remember that, for all the tomatoes and good things that the natural world provides, there are messed-up green bugs trying to lay eggs in your eyes while you sleep!

Plus I walked though a spiderweb yesterday and about ninety minutes later a spider was walking on my face! YEECH!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

(Yet more) animals I hope to meet sometime

Leslie's cat Wrigley!

Co-worker's sister's new puppy (not yet named, AND half black lab, half bulldog! FTW!):

Also via South of the Border

He brought me these insane sneakers:

[Yes, that is a copy of Clueless. Why?]

Live-blogging some Tapatio Doritos

Okay, Kyle is back from California with some Tapatio Doritos.

Let's see:

11:40 am: Considering bag.

11:41 am: getting orange LaCroix from work fridge. My head is pulsing with excitement.

11:42 am: as ready as I will ever be, I suppose. Opening bag.

11:43 am: sniff

11:44 am: my first thought is that they taste like a modified version of Taco flavored Doritos, then I smile and slap my forehead, realizing that the reverse is actually true: Tapatio hot sauce has an undercurrent of Taco flavored Dorito-ness, one I had not put my finger on until now.

11:45 am: Oh, yes, three or four chips in, it's love.

11:46 am: Kyle said last night coming back from airport that they give you heartburn before you've even swallowed them, hoping/praying it's true...

11:46:30 am: Considering "bi-coastal" lifestyle, so as to be assured access to these no matter what happens...

11:47 am: Just noticed that these are labelled in Spanish first:


11:48 am: FULLY SATED and half a small (2.125 oz) bag to go. Fantasizing of an America even more polymorphously diverse, where I can acquire Vindaloo, Panang and Lingonberry Doritos. VOTE!

11:49 am: NOT super-burny, but then neither is Tapatio itself...

11:50 am: wondering if these would do well with the habanero salsa I have at home, but they really don't need it...

11:51 am: oh, the settled broken bits of these, with extra seasoning adhering...amazing!

11:53 well, that was a wonderful experience.

I'm forced to believe that whatever market/branding wizard at Frito-Lay who worked this crossover deal had to have done it with this William Blake quote in mind:

He who binds himself to a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in Eternity's sunrise