Friday, May 31, 2013


Weekend runner-up

A Stephen King Weather App

I sort of started reading Salem's Lot the other day, then I remembered I am going to die soon because I am old and that I should be accruing new knowledge instead of rereading shit from 7th grade.  But then I thought of a Stephen King Weather App, which every day sends you a different King-penned description of the weather.  Like something from the rainy day at the start of It, or the fall weather in "Mrs. Todd's Shortcut," etc.  Because surely it's time for this, right?

Rock tonight at South Park Tavern

Yes, the Crusher/Goodbye two band gewgaw will be taking the stage tonight at whatever time shows start.  You should come!  Bring a book, I won't be hurt.

Ian is rich now

I told Ian that he should put his Taft Punk photoshop on Yay!book and that he would be rich by noon.  So, it being 12:18 and with no word from him, I can only assume that he is out buying some rhino horn boots or something and will be just insufferable when I see him later.  "I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm shitting money!" he'll laugh.  Because that's how those things work, right?

I mean this blog had made me rich beyond my wildest dreams - in friendship.  AWWW.

Sun bun

"Whoa! This is like the cobra in 'Rikki Rikki Tavi' and shit!"

"How cold is this?"

Stocky and strong

"Maybe I can get a job wetting down tarps!"

It was all too much.


Sorry, breezy
Many thousands of our readers have written to repeatedly beg to know when I would come out and just say that I never, ever gave a toss about Nine Inch Nails.  Well, today's the day!

A Po Move

I always hated Jurassic Park

Spend an extra 100K on some characters.

My dad also hated it.  "Well, that wasn't much," he said, as we left the theater.

Little Townshend throwing

A wee dram more REGGIE

Wink, wink!

Ron Galella paparazzi shot
Reggie rules because just like two and a half weeks ago he was on doggie death row, waiting to see that apple-green room at the end of the hall where he would sniff that bitter peach perfume (I stole this from something in Music for Chameleons, I think), but now he just comes to Rock with his new brother Peanut and acts like It's All No Big Deal.

Bravo, Reggie!

What we all dreamed of, ca. 2006-2007

Some ants I saw, what, Wednesday?

"An ant pentagon, an ant CIA..."

Nik sez:

37710T?  is that it?
There are too many ways to spell Elliot/Elliott/Eliot.

Good for her

Getting to end of Weeds, thank Christ, then I can
properly excoriate this bullshit show.  SO annoying.
Superglad for the mom that is being turned loose from the Mexican drug thing, but not so glad that I have clicked through even one article to see why this happened or whatever.

Oh, wow

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oh, wait. A whole day with no rabbit?



Whitney Biennial Here I Come

Street Leaf (Now You Have 'Sweet Leaf' In Your Head), 2013, cell phone photo

Nearly drove off the road at this one

Saw this on an electronic billboard on the highway on way to office:


The next slide was for Ke$ha at a casino.  So those are two extremes?

Checking in with the Georgians

Blinky checking for various massage therapy programs
in the Savannah area

Green zebras going full bore already, which pisses me off.
Fifteen bucks at a garage sale

Getting shit done

So close

Here is a pregnant Grace Slick with her mom whose name was Virginia Wing.  When I saw mom's surname in the caption when I grabbed this, I thought surely Virginia had to be sisters or otherwise related to Nell Wing, who, as you know, was Bill Wilson's secretary. Because surely?  But internet, alas, sez no.

Oh, well, maybe it will turn out that Sparky Anderson is Brett Anderson's great uncle.


No, not a popinjay, but my brother Loaf [formerly Don Eddy's cat DC] and his newish brother Jay.  A fuck neither one gives!

That's a new place decorated, then

Jeremy Deller

Had never heard of this guy (thanks, W magazine) but he's crazy in the best way.  Inflatable Stonehenge for kids to jump on?  Sure.  Putting an Iraqi national and a US soldier on a cross-country US road trip, towing a car that was hit and destroyed by US bombs?  Why not?

This must have been mentioned hundreds of times here

You really need to watch Together.


Gotta use this word more.

[adj: such as to provoke laughter; ridiculous; ludicrous; laughable]

"Nick Eddy's ceaseless content generation is so excessive as to be risible." - you, yesterday

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"We should be on by now"

Memorial Day Afternoon Chores

"This experience will come in handy when I am a teenage vandal!"

"No, no, I got this..."

"Seriously, how you guys got anything done before
I arrived is beyond me..."

Tour swag, modeled

"Why am I yelling?  I DON'T KNOW!!"

RIP, B-boy

I would guess this was a warning, possibly to me?


The "SPORT" versh, no less

His struggle

Kate Upton wept, as did the ghost of George Jones

Flipping through the channels last night, I saw about 90 seconds of old Blake Shelton singing his new CountrySuperJam "Boys 'Round Here" which contained this deathless lyric:

Well, the boys round here, they're keeping it country
ain't a damn one know how to the Dougie
(you don't know how to Dougie?), no, not in Kentucky

It also dissed the Beatles (timely!) in favor of Bocephus (ahem).

All this is a long way of saying that were I on The Voice, I'd want to do "Good Kush and Alcohol."  OH!, which reminds me: I have yet to find my summer jam on the old 102.9.  Two years ago (was it really? it seems like a dream) there were "Win Win Win" and "Can I Hit It In the Morning?" and last year was the unstoppable "Snapbacks and Tattoos."  SIGH.

So we're doing it right, then

Snow blowing!

Fun whether there's snow or not, apparently!

Rafe's cousin Macy

Macy actually let her dumb cousin ride her around like a horse for a bit on Memorial Day, because she is a friendly young lady and likes children.  Good show, Macy.

Stopping by to see Ed

Enough with the clever names, world


Are you shitting me?  How did I forget to mention Chris's new foundling Reggie?  Brother to Peanut?  Peanut is still boss, however;  he established his bossness within thirty seconds of meeting his new brother.

Here they come!

"Why am I being held by someone from Morrissey's '92-era backing band?"


Just found out about this and it's eleven years old

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daft Bun "Computer Aided Music"

Our friend Cindy gave the kid a hand-me-down 80's keyboard.  Dad had fun playing the drum beat to "Blue Monday" on it.  Left on all night, batteries died, keyboard consigned to the dustbin of history, etc.