Friday, March 30, 2012


A celebratarpation!

Hey!  Most monthly posts ever this month.  Celebrated by doing the one thing I do that ever makes me feel like an adult: bought a tarp!

If you read this all the time but aren't a follower (I won't name names), gather ye rosebuds before the paywall arrives!


Does this mean that any given moment in time this place is closed?  Or that time stops therein?  Or, most likely, that it is closed off from time itself and that 1983 hair reigns inside, as nicotine-slickened fresh divorcees gyrate to the original single version of "After Midnight"?

Either way - puts a strange spin on "FREE BEER TOMORROW!"

That 6.5 feet of compost has arrived

A picture of compost?  Really fascinating.

loaf in repose

Jack's mom's career as a "far-flung correspondent" begins!

Not even to Germany yet, and she's already on the case!  This kid's going to do just fine!

Blood Orange

Not only Dev Hines's new thing I only listened to once, but when I stopped at DLM to get my only-time-I-remembered-all-Lent crabcake sammich, they had Blood Orange San Pellegrino!

No idea how this got here...hacked?

Swore I wouldn't post any more Rafe pics this idea how this turned up!

Again: actually happening

Will Duke and I go see this after buying Ostentatious Sportswear and then go eat Chinese, sitting on adjacent sides of a four-top instead of opposite each other and not even notice?  Probably!

Bears repeating:

(originally posted on 4/7/2010)

Let someone say,"If I put this pill in your beer it will explode," and
we might believe him; but were he to say, "If I pronounce this spell over your
beer it will go flat," we would be incredulous. When I read science I turn
magical; when I study magic, scientific."

Mildness alert

Here are R Ring (Kelley and Mike) playing at the Texas Statehouse during SXSW.

Hey, ma!  I wrote the music and Kelley and Chooch did the lyrics via text!

New wood guy

Okay, for a couple of years, my wood dude at the Deconstruction Depot place was Matt: I could call him up and say "Matt?  Nick Eddy.  Hey, man.  What's the current situation with 2x10's?"

However, Matt has left to work for his dad. 

Now we have Ricky!  He rules.  I asked him to set some pieces aside, that I would be in Thursday to look, took the rabbit over there with me after work last night , saw what was on offer, said to Ricky "Can I pay now and come get these on Saturday?"  Ricky looked at me and said "Nah, man, no one's gonna take those.  Just pay Saturday, I set those aside for you."


"I really hate to ask - but is Cart in here somewhere?"

Thursday, March 29, 2012


This basketball was in the alley, slowly leaking/wilting.  I was just thinking about a month ago I should shoot baskets.  Seems zen as hell.  If someone claims it, they can have it back, otherwise...

Life on earth needs to cease for infinity

Train has their own wine.

Street Cookie

Is that a grill for a truck in that box or...?

(it is!)

But in French, it sounds, it sounds, you know, much nicer

Est-ce que vous attendez d'un porc mais un grognement?

Cuba! (pronounced koo-ba)

My brother sent me this photo, thinking it blog-worthy.  He's right!

Also, don't forget to call your band Sigue Sigue Stuxnet.


"Is lesser, like less that 'e r' or 'o r'?"

A place to play with toys and make raspberry noises

Oh, right

Listen to "Help the Aged" today!

Are things moving so fast now

that a Tacocopter shirt is already passe?  And possibly already on its way back, ironically?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last nights of the Perrys

Bummed, bummed and bummed.  Jack's folks are off to Germany today.  And Jack, of course.  Godspeed!


"All these hippies...and Koreans, speaking stuff..."


Courtroom chairs had a nice Hilton lobby from 2001 vibe
Thought a certain bun-bun was going to have to smuggle a saw to me in his diaper, but as it turns out I was only fined 75 bucks (with court costs: 164.00) for the icy accident of 5 March.  No points on license, either.  AND the truck parts have arrived.  Someone cue up "Free Me" by Roger Daltrey!

Maybe the most annoying thing in life

Those dropdown boxes on shipping sites, or shopping sites for that matter...[already this post is boring even me, so I can only imagine how you feel; but halfheartedness never got the dishes done, so I will soldier on] the one where you are to choose the state.  You can put in V for Virginia but it will bring up Vermont, but only one letter-digit can be used, so if you type VI it will do domething dumb like go to N/A.  BUT if you hit back or right-click back, it will likely take you to the last site you visited.


Things are getting all Flannery O'Connor in Savannah, it appears

Nick Eddy: feeble, bewizened

The kids across the street flip out every time one of our vehicles pulls up: "Where's the baby?," they all mew.

Sunday, four wee girls came over and asked the Bride to see the baby.  Oohs, ahhs, coos.  Then a visiting cousin asked, of the grey-haired apparition emptying the dishwasher: "Is he the grampa?"


Outside, right now!
A person I work with is the most frightened person ever.  We had the state-wide tornado siren thing this morning and ol' Fearface came creeping from his lair to look out front (partly cloudy) then meekly, meekly ask someone else what was going on, to be informed that it was a test.  One that was splattered all over every local news website.  The hot part was Timmy Trepidation then asked someone else just to be sure.

How littering works

I always see litter floating around but rarely see anyone littering...then, yesterday, I saw some early-20's kid walking down the street with a convenience store bag opening something and blithely letting the wrapper fall from his hand the way Clemenza told Michael to drop the gun after shooting the Turk and McCloskey.  Dick!

Wait! There IS a Weekly World News!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Who the hell am I?

I just ordered 6 and a half yards of leaf compost. 

I mean, I know rhetorically I have a lot of garden space, but I'm actually a dude who orders six and a yards of leaf compost.

Film still from "Wolves," a horror movie starring my 5.5 month old son you're sick of hearing about/seeing

"They're out there!"

Pork Store is open!

Spring must truly be here!

Fran's leg

Needless to say, my mom had to break her leg.  Minor, though, like a hairline or a chip or something.

Was JUST getting ready to do this!

(I should have a second blog, btw, solely on the topic of how much I love the little five-dollar bags of charcoal which can be set alight and make a just-right fire.  I will call it:

Watch for it!)

If Weekly World News still exists, they missed this


This was forwarded to me, sans explanation

The Lady in the Flowers

Sunday, things were getting all M Night Shylaman (sp?; probably); or maybe Alan Moore-era Swamp Thing...


S.P.U.G. cleanup day!

That's South Park Urban Garden, as you have deduced.  25 of 30 beds now claimed!  Don't sleep!
Garlic planted last fall!  Will be ready at end o' summer!

Gunnar!  Best time he'd had in his whole six months being alive!

Trish, having grown up in farm country, unafraid of the 'barrow

Recent neighborhood transplant Laurel - a first time gardener!


Mark knows how to keep a clean bed

Like some shitty D_____ version of The Gleaners by Millet