Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Amazing things still happen

At some time in the last 500 years (I think it was Sunday, June 7), I got up to fix a bottle for Bea.  I heard a steady drip! drip! drip! coming from the living room.  A pipe had popped in the ceiling!  We turned off the water and a plumber friend came by the next day and fixed it.

This morning I was texting said plumber and forwarded a picture of John Rutsey, original drummer for Rush (this plumber is a big fan of Canada's foremost power trio). Preparing text via voice, I said "Here's a bonus picture of Rutsey." The voice-reading technology heard and translated this as "Here's a bonus picture of roxy."  Which is insane because "Pyjamara" by Roxy Music was playing in the truck at that very moment.

As we prepare for the imminent revolt of all of our machines, treasure these moments.

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