Friday, February 20, 2015

The wheels of justice and my part in keeping them greased [ick]

 So, yes, jury duty yesterday.  They care not a whit that I had a two-week-old child (have I mentioned her, btw?) nor that I was going to Washington this coming week - "the cases don't usually last more than a day..." - so there I was in the -5 degrees yesterday, ready to keep American Justice moving apace.  As it happened, my mYsTeRiOuS WoRkPlAcE was closed for weather, so I wasn't missing any work.  Then, this being D_____, the defendant failed to show and all 50 souls in the jury pool were turned loose!  Which meant that I got to put away the clean clothes that had been sitting on the dryer for about 9 days.  JUSTICE IS SERVED!

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