Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Day I Saw Some Spike TV

So much went wrong.  I went to Jiffy Lube on Saturday for an oil change.  While there, old dude said "Your battery actually shows as pretty much dead.  And you have two lights out."  I didn't feel like messing with those, though.  Then, later in the day, I realized that the adult thing to do would be to go back on Sunday and have all that done.  They didn't have the battery, of course - they had to go to AutoZone or O'Reily's (the second of which one can pretty much see from the Jiffy Lube).  Fully fifteen minutes went by before an employee left to go get said battery from the visible O'Reily's.  Then he was gone for another twenty.  Then he came back, they put the battery in and I paid for battery and lights.  "We'll have you out in a minute..." EXPECT that it took three guys another 10 or so minutes to replace one of the lights (why they weren't attending to this during the battery pick-up interval remains unclear to this very day).

During all this, I was made to watch some Spike TV, which was alarming.   This Bar Rescue show has a guy who yells at everybody, cable-tv style.  Hapless club owners in West Palm Beach were berated for the crapness of their bottle service, which was depressing, as were the folks who came to the sad nightclub in West Palm Beach for bottle service.  AND Common is hosting a Project Runway-for-carpentry/woodworking show called Framework.  Why?  Why not?

Anyway, it was all bad.

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